‘Clean the Beach Bootcamp’ – First We Train… Then We Clean

Phuket, Thailand – Clean The Beach Boot Camp (CBBC), one of the world’s largest beach clean up movement, is gaining greater attention these days with its combination of environmental cleanup and fitness twist.

Cleaning the beach, not only does the planet a favor but also bestow the volunteers with a fitter and healthier body. The founder of CBBC, Krix Luther, a Health & Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer, realized the twin benefits early on, and the result was the CBBC movement was launched free of cost.

The statistics for plastic waste released in the ocean are staggering, reaching over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic that among other hazards, also kills seabirds and marine life. After the rollout of CBBC, in the last 4 years over 1.12 million pounds of garbage has been cleaned. Those who enrolled for CBBC also received a free workout routine and training under a professional fitness trainer, making the entire beach clean up effort worth every second.

Clean The Beach Boot Camps free workout is specially designed and tested for impressive results for people of all ages and abilities. Apart from being great for fat loss, the free workouts revitalize and energize all participants. Amazingly, all of this does not cost a penny, since the beach clean up volunteers need only to help clean up trash and garbage. The beach clean up offers a greater sense of reward and accomplishment in a short amount of time for its contribution to making the planet cleaner and safer.

Over the last four years, CBBC has expanded from just a Phuket Boot Camp to multiple Boot Camps in Thailand to reaching out into countries such as Indonesia, China, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. It’s a double dose of benefits for the body and the planet. Clean The Beach Boot Camp has attracted attention worldwide, and over 30,000 volunteers have so far participated in the beach boot camps.

“Clean The Beach Boot Camp events are held every week at various locations around the world. We welcome everyone and anyone to join us, helping make the people and the planet fit and healthy again” says Krix, founder, CBBC.

For more information, please visit: https://www.cleanthebeachbootcamp.com/

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