Genie Gateway Introduces the Store-Exclusive Gift Card

Customer’s cell number will become a real-time re loadable gift card to pay for goods and services

The Genie reloadable GiftCard is designed for entrepreneurs who wish to provide a friendly service to their returning customers. This service is very simple: their customers use their cell number to pay for their shopping, and since service is a self-contained closed loop system,NO complex banking relationships are needed.Participating merchants can offer their Store-Exclusive Gift cards free of charge, and their customer can use up to five different ways to load funds to their Genie GiftCard.
Following is a sample button to a GiftCard application:  

“Cardholders use their cell phone number as a single identifying numberto paytheir sponsoring merchant, face-to-face, online, or by phonein real-timewith complete security. Sponsoring merchants can add the GiftCard payment service at NO additional charge to their existing Genie Merchant Account“, said Genie Gateway CEO Thomas E. Skala.

Stuart Scamman, Genie Gateway’sCTO continued.  “As long as they can remember their cell number, Cardholders can make payments face-to-face, online or by phone, using any internet enabled device”, “and because customers do not provide any of their personal financial information at the time of purchase, they are much safer”.

“The Genie GiftCard itself is essentially a phone number unified on our platform with applications, merchants and their customers,” said Genie Gateway COO, Randall Skala, “I think it is very exciting to be able to walk into a merchant’s store or use their web site, select something I want to purchase, and just give the merchant my cell number whichthey enter into their virtual point of sale terminal. I immediately get a text asking me to approve the purchase.  When I approve, the merchant is paid instantly, in real-time.”

Mark Newgreen, Genie Gateway CFO, said “Because the Genie GiftCard is a closed loop system, merchants do not need to maintain and pay for a separate bank account just to deposit their gift card payments. Payments are automatically credited to their CashBox, their own e-wallet with a virtual checking account.”

Robert A. Peisner, President of Worldwide Merchant Services, Inc. offered…“Amazon, Walmart and Target invested a great deal of money to create their own store-exclusive gift card, so how can a small entrepreneur compete with providing a gift card of their own to their customers? Now they can, with the Genie GiftCard! The Genie GiftCard technology can be added to qualified Merchants at no additional cost. I can think of hundreds of merchants our sales agents can approach,that would be delighted to introduce this GiftCard to their customers.”

Jonathan Imm, Executive Director of Globility Link Inc., added, “Selling the Genie GiftCard to merchants is a no brainer. I remember the good old days when my favorite merchants had their own store gift cards.  Now I can upgrade any of my merchants FREE of charge with a gift card program for their own customers that they can implement in a few days.It only took me one call to upgrade my merchant account with the GiftCard features. I was ready to make a sale the same dayusing this exciting new service.”

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