3D prostate treatment Shows That Some Ancient Chinese Medicine Have Anti-cancer Properties

Ancient Chinese Medicines Possible Therapeutic for Cancer

In 2015 there were 90 million cases of cancer reported around the world with over 8 million people dying from the disease. These numbers are not only staggering but growing. Environmental and genetic factors seem to be pushing incidences of cancer up and society has been slow to learn to cope. Over the last few decades very little in new therapeutics have been released to the public, often times drugs that look promising fail clinical trials and new drugs that show some hope take years or even decades to pass clinical tests. This slow adoption of new anti-cancer methods have left doctors to use the same treatments to try and eliminate the disease. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are often the go to by physicians to treat cancer, however these archaic methods often leave an array of side effects that leave the patient in more pain and anguish during the treatment. The 3D prostate treatment based out of the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic in China is looking to correct this issue by researching more effective ways to fight cancer, the lab has taken both a next generation approach with gene therapies but also is looking at ancient Chinese medicines. This combination allows the lab to leave no stone unturned when trying to find a safer and more pleasant way to treat all cancers.

Cancer is a rapid and unregulated growth and division of cells, cancer cells lack the checks done in mitosis and can grow rapidly. The rapid growth of cells coupled with the lack of apoptosis can create tumors which can not only weaken a patient but be painful. Classic methods of treating cancers are not able to target cancer cells alone, they look virtually identical to normal cells so medicines end up killing both healthy and cancerous cells. The destruction of non-cancerous cells during cancer treatment can leave patients feeling weak, cause vomiting, hair loss, vertigo, and more. For these reasons a more direct approach to treating cancer is necessary, one that can find unique differences in the cell structures of cancerous and non-cancerous cells and destroy them. The 3D prostate treatment is trying to accomplish this through ancient Chinese medicines. The 3D prostate clinic has recently been successful in targeting cancerous cells with some ancient Chinese medicines and has even created their own “3D prostate targeted treatment” for prostate cancer.

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The 3D prostate clinics has looked at many different ancient Chinese medicines for possible anti-cancer properties, the 3D prostate clinics has come to find that some of the items examined do possess tumor suppressing powers. When looking at the ancient Chinese medicine, rhizoma Curcumae was the most prominent in suppressing tumors. Rhizoma Curcumae is a root from the Curcumae genus, this genus includes species like turmeric and tulip. When the Song Lab analyzed the roots of these plants in vivo they saw extensive anti-cancer properties while leaving healthy cells alone. The mechanism at which the Curcumae roots are able to effectively target cancer cells is not completely understood, but show that there are slight differences between cancerous and non-cancerous cells and that these differences are being exploited by the active ingredients in the roots. The Dr xinping song has also looked at ginseng to accompany the rhizoma Curcumae treatment. Ginseng has been postulated as a compound that can be used for healing. The 3D prostate clinic had decided to test this by dividing people taking Curcumae injections into two groups, one that took Curcumae root extract alone and one that took the Curcumae root extract along with ginseng injections. The findings found that patients who took needles of Ginseng were able to recover quicker from any lingering cancer side effect. The ginseng would increase immune response while also reducing cytotoxic interactions caused by the release of cell content during apoptosis.

The 3D prostate clinics has taken these findings and created their very own prostate cancer treatment, the “3D Prostate Targeted Treatment” by Doctor Song and his team looks to be the next generation treatment in fighting prostate cancer. The 3D prostate treatment stands for determine, destroy and discharge and has been shown to be an effective way in fighting prostate cancer.  When patients come in they go through the determination phase, during this time they are given an extensive round of testing to find the cause of their prostate issues. If the test results come back to be prostate cancer they move onto the destroy phase, the 3D prostate treatment uses their own proprietary medicine to target cancer cells. Using a style similar to ancient Chinese acupuncture a needle full of medicine in inserted into the target site. The needles given during the destruction phase are continuously given until all cancer cells are destroyed. Once the destruction phase is finished the patient moves onto the discharge phase. A needle full of discharge solution is injected and any calcification or other remnants of the cancer are discharged in the urine.  This treatment has been shown to work effectively in treating prostate cancer.

The 3D prostate treatment has taken pride in helping those with cancer. By researching and using both ancient Chinese medicine and next generation therapies the lab has been able to avoid current day medicines like chemotherapy and surgery. Patients are able to recover quicker and with fewer side effects thanks to the work by the 3D prostate clinic. The team of researchers at the 3D prostate clinic looks forward to treating more patients coming in from around the world and continuing their research to find better and more efficient anti-cancer therapies.   

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