PETITEPAKS: The First Leak and Germ-Free Padded Makeup Case

Boston, MA – Opening up her makeup bag after a red eye flight only to find a shattered $63 Guerlain Lingerie De Peau foundation amongst her other cherished cosmetics was the last thing PETITEPAKS founder Lee Guerringue wanted to see.

After attempting to salvage any remaining product and along with a year of research and development, the first iteration of PETITEPAKS hit the market as of April 2017 and has launched a Kickstarter open until August 10, 2017.

PETITEPAKS was built upon BYOM (bring your own makeup). And, while transferring products into travel-friendly containers is not a new idea, doing it easily, efficiently and hygienically is hard to come by.

PETITEPAKS is a portable, hygienic and waste less makeup case, which consists of six universal product vials. With its syringe-like design and precise tips, every drop product can be used while the unused portions can be returned to its original container. The six vials fit snugly in the custom, lightweight padded case and can be packed anywhere ensuring full protection of your products.

“No travel containers on the market cater to returning your unused products back into their packaging,” says Guerringue, “We have all gotten creative–digging product out with a cotton swab, bobby pin or scooping with our fingers—but it gets messy and definitely isn’t hygienic.”

All PETITEPAK vials allow for virtually any liquid or cream product to travel leak and germ-free from takeoff to landing. Uses for PETITEPAKS include:

– Foundations

– Primers

– Eye creams

– Moisturizers

– Gels

– Hair Oils

– Micellar water

– Makeup remover

– Contact solution

– Sunscreen

Ending August 10, PETITEPAKS is live on Kickstarter and looking for pledges to make PETITEPAKS even better. In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a PETITEPAKS vial teaser, an entire PETITEPAKS set or an entire set plus accessories.

To make a pledge on Kickstarter, click here. More information about what you can do with PETITEPAKS can be found on

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