Recently, Guan Rentao, the secretary and director of management committee of Wulian Stone Industrial Park, Yuan Zhaohai, the member of the Party committee and deputy director of Executive Committee, Sun Baobo, the secretary and director general of Wulian Commerce Bureau and Qin Lumin, the deputy director general of Wulian Commerce Bureau all visited Hangzhou TOJTO E-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TOJTO), and additionally communicated and discussed with Tao Xingquan, the company founder about the cooperation between overseas stone cities and e-commerce platform.

After the communication of the whole morning, F2C (Factory to country) innovation model of TOJTO was found to be extremely suitable for overseas market expansion demands of Wulian Stone Industrial Park. The company founder Tao Xingquan said, “The cargo storage and transportation models of TOJTO oversea location should be firstly applied for the promotion of Wulian Stone to other areas with large demands for stones such as United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey and then, the special stone mall is required to be established, to realize the simultaneous on-line and off-line selling and additionally improve the warehouse-out speed. The deputy director Sun Baobo also said, “This kind of F2C new-mode cooperation would certainly offer more wide and more convenient overseas markets for foreign trade export of Wulian Stone Industrial Park, and furthermore assist the entrepreneurship of local youths.”

Principal of the company and leaders of Wulian County, Rizhao

During the negotiation, the company founder Tao Xingquan proposed some detailed suggestions for further cooperation of both parties. TOJTO would carry out “TOJTO Stone” plan, to establish special malls of 1000m2 in Mexico, Azerbaijan and other countries, for assisting Wulian Stone Industrial Park to develop the markets and marketing channels. Then, the special stone B2C/B2B websites would be established, for the accurate SEO orientation to allow Wulian Stone to establish a favorable brand recognition overseas.

At the end of meeting, some leaders of Wulian County of Rizhao invited Tao to Wulian Stone Industrial Park recently, for the communications and exchanges with leaders of almost 300 related stone companies about the knowledge related to overseas cross-border commerce. The more professional explanation was expected to offer fresh thoughts for the local companies, and to realize the cooperation in the future.

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