FLiFLi Introduces LifeBattery AIR

Indiegogo Campaign Launched for AC Battery Designed for Apple Devices

New Jersey – July 20, 2017 – FLiFLi is pleased to announce its latest AC power bank for billions of Apple users all around the world- LifeBattery AIR. LifeBattery AIR is an AC Battery specially designed and developed from continuous market research and engagement with Apple users. Apple Devices, especially Macbooks and iPhones need sensitive and exquisite electronic wave flows to be charged in an un-harmful way to extend the device and battery life. LifeBattery AIR is Apple’s new friend designed to match MacBook beautifully. It is also compact and convenient to take along to around with ease. It uses four beautiful colors of Macbook design, and users have the opportunity to select a matching color that perfectly coordinate with the design and color when placed side by side.

In a statement from the spokesperson of FLiFLi, David Lee, “We have been working extremely hard to power your any Apples including Macbook Touch Bar without any problem. You can just sit behind and relax, while AIR feeds your Apples. Our design was the same as our first concept in August 2016, but we have re-built our design to significantly match Macbook 2017 colors, with sleek, elegant curves along the edges inspired by the case of Macbook still remains.” He states further, “AIR will take care of all Apples you have. We have been working extremely hard to power your any Apples including Macbook Touch Bar without any problem. You can just sit behind and relax, while AIR feeds your Apples.”


FLiFLi, with the goal of providing fast and friendly support, introduces an indiegogo campaign which makes the products available everyone at discounted prices, as buyers can save up to between 39% to 45% of the original prices based on the products, and with free shipping to every part of the world to enable easy access to the products by the users, although the estimated carrier used, UPS may charge. First mass production will start at the beginning of September. The very first shipment to early bird backers will proceed in December 2017. Second shipment to Indiegogo backers estimated is January 2018.

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LifeBattery AIR, a small, thin, portable, and easy-to-carry around lifebattery is designed to support users’ busy life. It enables Macbook Touch Bar (13in.) up to six times with four hours or less to full-charge through various charging ports which enables two Macbooks and one iPhone to be charged at the same time. It is built with a sensor to ascertain the battery level when charging, automatic power control, and safety protection with easy and stable magnetic charging input connection just like MagSafe by Apple aimed at preventing device ports from getting damaged.

About FLiFLi

FLiFLi is based in New Jersey, US. It has been consistently growing bigger and bigger with innovative ideas to fulfill people’s satisfaction in their lifestyle. UTM Inc. was established in 2008, and FLiFLi Brand Identity was made in July 2016. The very first product concept of FLiFLi AirDrop (Launched on Amazon in April 2017) and LifeBattery AIR (Inspired by, Designed for Apple) was settled in August 2016. The Company’s mission is to make people’s valuable life comfortable, and acknowledges the supports of people for the achievement so far.

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