GoPro Gimbal Review and Action Filmmaker Tim Nicholls Launch New Website in Washington, DC.

Washington, DC Gimbals have been the most recent innovation in the world of filmmaking and are available almost everywhere. Before they were made, filmmakers had to purchase or rent expensive equipment in order to film high-quality stabilized shots. There are lots of different models and buying the perfect one can be a very stressful task. Fortunately, a website like just launched to go through the painful task of assessing these products and make it easier for customers to find the best GoPro gimbal that suits their filmmaking needs.

One sure thing that creates great reviews is a passion for the product. “I’m passionate about handheld gimbals and camera stabilizers. They make shaky handheld video a thing of the past, and I’ve made this site to help you pick the right one,” says Tim Nicholls, creator of “I’ll try and stay ahead of the curve and keep the site updated with all the latest developments. Reviewing new gimbal product releases so you know where is best to spend your cash,” he added.

The launching of such a service can definitely help filmmakers because there is now a website where they can read the latest gimbal product releases. These gimbals eliminate shaky camera shots and provide support to create the perfect stabilized look. However, purchasing one can be expensive and nobody wants to waste money on a low-quality gimbal that won’t deliver as promised. Having a service that goes through the tough process of assessing these products not only saves time and money, but it will also make the gimbal market more competitive. It will also serve as a platform to get rid of bad products, which in turn, will also create an opportunity for great products.

GimbalReview not only offers in-depth GoPro gimbal reviews but also serves as a GoPro gimbal comparison site. The website reviews products based on their usage, performance, apps, battery, charging, and special features a specific product has to offer in order to identify the best GoPro gimbal. The site also provides ratings as well as allow users to rate what they think is the best handheld GoPro gimbal on the market today. Other than providing top quality written reviews and ratings, the website also provides latest handheld gimbal and smartphone stabilizer news.

For anyone who is looking into purchasing a quality gimbal for their filmmaking needs, visit GimbalReviews on the web at The company can also be reached at +1202389750 or via email at They are located at 3750 Rhode Island Avenue Washington, DC 20007.

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