‘Ducklings’ Quack and Celebrate as New Game Reaches Crowdfunding Target within 24 hours

Los Angeles, CA – Ducklings will soon be home to help parents, friends and children explore the values of parenting and the emotions that come with it. Ducklings is a new card game, created by the Deck Head Games’ trio of Aimee Zhang, James Collins, and Timothi Ellim, which is now celebrating overnight success on its crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign, receiving generous contributions and reaching its target within 24 hours.

Ducklings is a co-operative competitive board game played with die and a deck of cards. Designed for ages 12+, the game involves three fragile ducklings who must be ‘waddled to safety’ by two parent pairs. At stake are the lives of three ducks and amidst conflicting scenarios and values such as loss, empathy, cooperation, family, love, and partnership.

What separates Ducklings from other card and board games is the level of emotional engagement it builds with all participants. The game is both a strategic challenge as well as replete with moral dilemmas such as sacrificing oneself to save all, or one of the ducklings.

“Ducklings couldn’t have successfully funded in under 24 hours if it wasn’t for the love, kindness and support from our backers,” says co-creator Timothi Ellim.

Ducklings has received a warm and positive welcome on well-known gaming platforms such as FatherGeek and Board Game Authority. The game has also earned praise from Gameosity, Gamerati Podcast, and Board to Death TV. It also made it to Kickstarter’s ‘Projects we love’ for the gaming category.

“They (The Backers) are the true heroes, and we the creators (Aimee Zhang, James Collins, Timothi Ellim) are grateful that Ducklings can take flight! With an ever increasing support from backers who spread the word of Ducklings both online and offline, we are enabled to improve ducklings through our stretch goals. Do consider pledging if you haven’t yet, even a $1 pledge goes a long way to improving Ducklings!” says Timothi.

For more information, please visit: www.presskit.to/ducklings and https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/deckheadgames/ducklings-a-game-about-parenting?ref=user_menu

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