Airwheel Smart Racing Helmet C8 Allowing People to Enjoy Excellent Experience

At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel put out series of new products, like C series of smart helmet, we can see that Airwheel is keeping abreast with times. Compared with other products of C series, Airwheel cool racing helmet has many unique advantages. Firstly, it is made of strong plastic ABS which will safeguard your security. Secondly, it has high-definition resolution. Moreover, streamlined design externality.

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Recently, Airwheel C series of foldable intelligent helmet have welcomed a new comer—C8. One of the wonderful features of this product is its material. It is made of strong plastic ABS, and has passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. Compared to Airwheel motorcycle helmet C6, Airwheel racing helmet C8 attached more importance to the performance of safety. So this kind of helmet will safeguard your security perfectly.

Airwheel intelligent racing helmet C8

In addition to ensuring the riders’ safety to the largest extent. This kind of racing helmet has 2304X1296 high-definition resolution. OV4689 provides timing framework for full resolution HDR capture using the “sequential HDR”. These modes produce high quality which ensures high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. That’s one of the reasons why this kind of design really hearts many people. What’s another unique advantage is that it’s a kind of full face helmet. The 120° view-shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or videos. Airwheel helmet C8 can present a supreme and impeccable picture and keep records of riding scenery.

Airwheel intelligent racing helmet C8

ore importantly, as a intelligent racing helmet, Airwheel cool racing helmet C8 has streamlined design externality. The streamlined design is in line with aerodynamics, the grooves in the upper and lower air outlets collect airflow to stabilize the cap body. What’s more, which makes the public like it is its high-quality removable cotton lining. It chooses high quality materials featuring by excellent moisture absorption and perspiration function and is elaborately produced, allowing users to enjoy excellent wearing experience. Therefore, the recreational function of Airwheel C8 is presentable. With such premium quality and thoughtful designs, Airwheel C8 smart helmet is worthy of the Design Award. In the future, Airwheel C8 is said to enhance these function and attract more users and customers. It is obvious that Airwheel is doing its best to perfect its products.

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