George Goodmann Has Become A Global Phenomenon For Success & Glory

The Serial European Entrepreneur Is Becoming An Inspirational Mentor & Tycoon Who Launched Three Successful Companies Before His 22nd Birthday

July 21, 2017 – Europe’s Serial Entrepreneur George Goodmann has launched his third company before his 22nd birthday. The success story of this amazing mentor has inspired many young individuals who want to make the best out of their lives. 22 is an age when most people begin to figure out what to do with their lives while George is helping and inspiring the people around him with his work. Within the space of 2 years, he evolved from a poor student into a successful entrepreneur. Moreover, he inspires everyone through his Facebook page and website, where he shares the wisdom and keys to success.

“When I was 18, I converted my late grandmother’s 500-euro inheritance into 100.000 euro in my first year and never looked back since,” said George Goodmann in a recent interview while talking about his journey. “With an aim to do something greater than I ever did before, I have recently founded a new company called Juulr, which is a data driver influencer marketplace,” he added. The European entrepreneur was born in Haarlem, a beautiful city near Amsterdam and as a student, he was perhaps an average performer but he always wanted to succeed.

In addition, George also mentors young entrepreneurs, helping them launch their own businesses. Moreover, being a fitness enthusiast, he also launched, a website providing information on sport supplements like protein, creative, and pre and post workout shakes. Within 2 months he wrote nearly 200.000 words of content and created over 200 pages of his website. Besides this fitness venture, he also launched two more businesses at the same time, including that is a website for young adults to compare travel offers and a social media business. The social media business consisted mainly of entering sweepstakes with Facebook and earning money very quickly.

After becoming a successful entrepreneur, a millionaire and a living inspiration for many, George is now mentoring others towards success through his talks and his influence marketing playbook. Moreover, he has been featured in the mainstream international media, including Fox, CBC, NBC and many others. He not only shares tricks and tips, but also guides everyone to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of success.

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