+1 (Plus one) project conference, means the new evolution of content sharing method +1项目发布会,标志着内容分享方式的新变革

+1 (Plus one) project conference was held up in July 22, 2017.AM9:10 This conference opened the curtain for the +1 to enter the market. At the conference…

+1(Plus one)项目发布会于2017年7月22日9:10召开,本次发布会为+1进入市场拉开了序幕,发布会由+1主创团队向行业贡献者、特约嘉宾及各界媒体朋友表示诚挚的欢迎和感谢,发布会从项目背景,产品特点、技术框架、商业模式,发展规划及目标等方面进行了详细讲解。

+1 (Plus one) project conference was held up in July 22, 2017.AM9:10 This conference opened the curtain for the +1 to enter the market. At the conference, +1 team express sincere welcome and thanks to the industry contributors, special guests and friends of media, the conference delivered detailed interpretation from the project background, product features, technical framework, business model, development planning and objectives and other aspects.


With the development and application of block chain technology, a new direction is provided for the development of many industries. Block chain technology has the characteristics of decentralization (or multi-centering), high transparency, no tampering and no single point of failure etc.


Based on the ether square of the intellectual contract, +1 will provide paid content sharing services. +1 application scenes are extremely rich, you can manage and share knowledge, work and communicate, interact with geek fans, hold an art auction, release the independent music, raise for your dream, etc., any content that users can think of considered valuable can be created.


+1 originally proposed community management incentive mechanism, and this is an innovative mechanism which plays a positive role in the promotion of members, market development, enhancement of the currency circulation, raising the value performance of token in the trading market!


As for the future development, +1 team also delivered a detailed depiction. +1 team will continuously study and explore, with the development of block chain technology and the increase of membership, +1 will be polished as a global, convenient, efficient and safe   paid content sharing product, and it entails more and more people self-fulfillment, makes their dreams come true.


Finally, +1 creative team announced the ICO plan and future prospective development goals of +1. At the conference, continuous applause lead to a warm atmosphere, and the conference ended perfectly. We wish +1 obtain proud result in the field of block chain application, and wish all the friends who care and pay attention to +1 a happy family and life.

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