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July 21st, 2017 – The days of getting irate customers on your neck because they need to make changes to an order and you were not on hand to respond quickly enough, is over. As a seller on Shopify, the new HiSumo Application gives you a massive solution to answer your customers on time and via SMS, avoiding the seeming slow pace of emails, thus making access to your consumers faster and more instant.

HiSumo, gives Shopify sellers the ability to provide the ultimate customer service satisfaction, and make buying and selling easy. HiSumo, the SMSchatbot, allows Shopify sellers to send SMS notifications to their buyers for order confirmation, delivery notifications, and much more. Hisumo can also be deployed to send coupon or sales notifications to buyers, via SMS, in order to boost buyer satisfaction and repeat purchase.

“Our SMS Chatbot helps the buyers to have continuous company during the long process of ordering your product, to the point where it is delivered to them, without you having to micromanage all the issues at the same time. The customers have the delight of always feeling close enough to the product, even though it is not present with them” Said Thomas Chung, the Co-founder of HiSumo. “It is absolutely free to use Hisumo for the first 100 texts, after which a charge of $0.05 would apply for additional texts.” He added.

According to him, HiSumo helps in the confirmation of the shipping address, changing of the size or color of the order, cancellation of orders, upgrading to express shipping and combined shipment. This app allows you to build relationships with thousands of buyers that you would probably never meet in the flesh, but could become your favorite friends because you took the choice to be there for them by employing the services of HiSumo.

After an item has been dispatched, Hisumo provides faster and more accurate shipping information, helping buyers to keep an eye on the shipment. Customers are promptly informed when a problem arises during shipping. Customers also get to know whether their order was dispatched on time or not, since they deserve the right to know the movement of their order. HiSumo also helps in providing dispatch notification, unexpected events, shipment status updates, expected delivery dates, tracking information and carrier information.

All these are supplied to you at way less costs than if you had to employ a full time agent and pay for phone bills. This app is really needed to breathe life into your business. HiSumo is right on time in a world that seeks everything quickly and easily accessible.

About Hisumo:

Hisumo is an app that you can deploy to do all the work of full time customer relations assistant, faster and at a minimal cost.

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