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LOS ANGELES, CA – 22 Jul, 2017 – Americans drive an average of 29.2 miles in two trips averaging a total of 46 minutes per day. This time in our vehicles results in dirt, food crumbs, and more pieces of unwanted trash accumulating. Keeping a vehicle clean is often a tedious activity without the proper tools. covers vehicle vacuum cleaners, offering information car aficionados need.

“Vacuuming is one of the easiest ways to make your car interior look great. With the right vacuum and just a few minutes of time, you’ll feel like you’re in a new vehicle.” – Max Jacobson, Founder of

Car washes often offer vacuuming services for a small fee. These car washes are not as convenient as keeping a car vacuum in your vehicle. The car wash industry saw a five-year long decline from 2006 to 2011, meaning there are fewer locations available.’s reviews give potential car vacuum buyers information such as a picture of the product being reviewed, name, price point, pros/cons and features of the vacuum. This information assists in buyers purchasing the car vacuum that suits their needs.

Americans spend more time in their cars today than ever before. In 1982 Americans spent 14 hours per year in traffic, in 2010 the number of hours in traffic rose to 34 annually. Vehicles have become more than just cars and trucks. They are now often offices, portable kitchens as commuters eat on the go, and dirt along with other debris collects as vehicles are used.’s reviews of car vacuums allow buyers to get the right vacuum for their needs.

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