3 Digit Phone Number? New Tech-Marketing Service For Law Firms

919Law is the new breakout tech-marketing company bringing ease and simplicity for select law firms across the Country. The company incorporates a 3 digit exclusive call forwarding service with all inclusive advertising, making 919 Law one of the most compact and effective marketing platforms currently in existence. The concept is so simple that by the end of reading this article I promise that you’ll remember their number.

If you were to pick up any cell phone, anywhere in the united states and dial #919 it will automatically connect you with 1 specific law firm for whatever type of lawyer that clients are in need of (Yes, the 3 digit number actually works.)

Here is exactly what happens with their service:

  • Law Firms or Solo Practices buy into #919’s call forwarding / advertising service.
  • That Specific Law Firm or Practice represents their entire regional market (Nielsen Media Market Map), and receives all specific calls from within those boundaries.
  • Each month 919 automatically advertises within the boundaries of a Firm’s regional market using custom image based ads and video commercials featuring that specific Firm.
  • #919 Lawyers benefit from the easy to remember 3 digit phone number.

In the larger scale of things, each Firm signing up for the service capitalizes from 919 Law’s Nationwide advertising. When an ad is seen by a potential client on the west coast who may need representation on the east coast, their simple nationwide number #919 becomes that much more beneficial.

The total cost of the service is one of the most attractive points to 919 Law, beating out just about every marketing company’s monthly price tag. Using a compound advertising tactic, 919 dedicates nearly $50,000 monthly to paid advertising. Most law offices will find it hard to compete with a budget that size.

Ask yourself this question, “Can I benefit from receiving all calls from my own regional market?”. The answer should be a resounding “YES!”. Luckily, 919 Law is currently in the enrollment phase of their operation. Law Groups or Lawyers can find out if their area is available for purchase by simply calling #919 or by clicking here.

Media Contact
Company Name: 919Law
Contact Person: Media Manager
Email: info@919law.com
Phone: 646-780-9577
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States
Website: http://www.919law.com