Parents Help To Reshape The Literacy Landscape!

Encouraging children to read is an aspiration for every parent but can be a challenge for many. That was certainly the case for Dane & Julia Fuller; parents and Founders of CLOUDZERO. They are busy working parents with three children. Finding time to inspire their children to read and then pick up all their books was a challenge. So they designed a kids’ invisible floating bookshelf. It’s an innovative way to encourage children to read and to keep their rooms clean and organized. These minimalistic wall-hung bookshelves are an appealing way for kids to both display and store their books.

According to ‘Family Reading Partnership’, studies have shown that children who have easier access to books will be more likely to take both ownership of books and initiative to read them on their own. CLOUDZERO’s unique designer floating shelves are becoming a crucial factor in fostering kids to have a keen interest in reading.

Dane explains, “A traditional bookcase shows only the spine of a book and can be difficult for children locate their favorite book, take it out, and put it back again – not to mention the floor space they take up and the danger of a bookshelf toppling over onto a climbing toddler! A CLOUDZERO floating bookshelf displays books with the front cover facing out and within easy reach of your child.”

Research also shows that children are more likely to take pride in their collection of books if there is a fun way to display them. This will cause children to learn and understand the importance of organization. Kids will be motivated to pick up their books – as well as other belongings – and put them back on the shelf when they are finished.

CLOUDZERO’s innovative shelving units have a host of other benefits that parents will enjoy. Kids can become excited to read at a younger age and as a result will be likely to reach literacy more quickly. While at the same time, parents will benefit from spending time reading with their eager children. These shelves can also be used for other storage needs. Kids will want to display their belongings rather than simply leaving them on the floor.

Parents looking for an easy way to start encouraging their children to read will benefit from CLOUDZERO’s easily accessible bookshelves. The company offers floating bookshelves for kids and other educational children’s products. Such a simple tactic could reshape a child’s future while also changing the literary landscape of the next generation.

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