The Utility Tip – This Changes Everything

Idaho, United States – The cotton swab was one of the most versatile tools in the household for almost a century. It was first introduced by Leo Gerstenzang in the 1920s after he attached two generous amounts of cotton wads to the respected ends of a toothpick. The cotton swab was once known as “Baby Gays” before becoming widely known as “Q-Tips” with the Q standing for “quality.” As the name of the cotton swab has evolved, so has the swab itself.

Utility Tip has reengineered the cotton swab. Traditionally, an individual would choose a respective end of the cotton swab to use as an ear cleaner or to remove wax. This method of use was often not recommended by physicians as individuals run the risk of a variety of problems which may include irritation, hearing loss, dizziness and imbalance, and most commonly ear wax impaction buildup. With that in mind, the Utility Tip team uniquely engineered an ear wax removal tool effectively improving ear health overall and enhancing satisfaction. After the utip was designed and produced it was later discovered that utips provide an unmatched ear itch relief.  

Instead of cotton swabs on the respective ends, the tool has plastic flanges which add texture increasing the usability of the tool. An individual simply applies the tip to their ear by gently twisting it in between their fingers. Between the rotation and the flanges as well as the pulling method, the tip extracts a significant amount of wax and other build up, making it the ultimate ear cleaner. For best results, it is recommended to be used after a shower or bath.

Aside from the obvious use of the Utility Tip, it can be used for a number of things! The traditional cotton swab is used as an application and remover of make-up, in multiple crafts and cleaning. The Utility Tip can be used for these methods as well and much more such as first aid, pet care, cleaning services and anywhere an individual feels the flanges would be of significant use.

The Utility Tip has been engineered so well that the company has yet to find the limit of the application! Individuals who are interested in the Utility Tip have the option to choose from white or blue plastic ear cleaners as well as choose the size of the pack. There are three pack options which include 7, 16 or 32 with the prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99. Consumers upgrade their phones—it is time upgrade their Q-Tips!

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