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New York, NY – Finding an orthodontist that works well with clients and is board certified can be difficult, but is here to help individuals looking for the perfect orthodontist.

This company is here for anyone looking for an orthodontist. There is no other company or website that does what they do. The goal of the site is to help all individuals who are looking for board certified orthodontists to fix their smile. is very selective when choosing the orthodontists that they will display on their website. At 1800Orthodontists, they only show their clients one or two orthodontists per city. This allows them to have a rigorous review of each practice that they show.

Using a rigorous review process for each orthodontist is what keeps 1800Orthodontists safe and secure.

This company makes sure that the experience that their clients have is nothing short of a great one. When an individual selects an orthodontist from this website they receive a 100% free consolation. Other offers are also available on the website, like special pricing when mentioning that you found that specific orthodontist on that website.

This company covers an area of nine cities: these city areas include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. By being accessible to these nine cities, it allows 1800Orthodontists to be more accessible to a larger population.

All of these cities cover styles of braces and Invisalign for all individuals. This company makes sure that all their orthodontists are qualified to be working on any of their client’s smiles.

The rigorous review process allows the company to research more of what each clientele of each city is truly looking for. When serving larger cities, it is harder to find a safe and secure orthodontist that won’t charge clients an arm and a leg.

If any orthodontist is interested in becoming a part of, then there is an application on the website. After applying, they will reply within 12 to 24 hours to discuss the business.

If anyone is looking for an orthodontist and does not know where to begin, go on to, where they will help each of their clients find the best orthodontist in that individual’s area.

To find the orthodontist for them, 1800Orthodontists urges people to use their easy and convenient service.

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