OxyExtensions offers clip in hair extensions at affordable prices

24 Jul, 2017 – Hair extensions have become the must have options for every fashionista who love to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. Women often use clip in hair extensions when they wish to flaunt a beautiful hairstyle for long hair and remain the favorite choice of many celebrities and style icons. OxyExtensions, the well known provider of durable and high quality hair extensions have now introduced clip in hair extensions at reasonable prices. These clip in type extensions feature soft and silky human hair in varying colors like black, blonde and brown to suit the natural hair color of the wearer.

The hairs in these extensions are healthy and strong that makes it apt for any kind of hairstyle. The extensions have the hair flowing in the uniform direction right from the root to the tip. They are offered with a flat look to lower hair styling issues like frizzing, knotting and snagging. The hair extensions offered at their website link at https://www.oxyextensions.de/clip-in-extensions are smooth, soft, silky and much longer and requires minimum maintenance.  One can find clip in hair extensions of varied length, such as 38 cm, 50 cm and 81 cm. The hair extensions are lightweight and weigh just 70 grams to offer the feel of natural hair.

According to the website of https://www.oxyextensions.de, they offer the hair extensions in two ranges, such as the Premium Line and Standard Line to cater to the hair styling needs of the user. The Premium Line of hair extensions offered by Oxy-Extensions features premium grade hair extensions designed to have extra volume and double drawn hips with smooth finish. The clip in extensions of Standard Line has 100% Remy quality hair that is free from knots. The silky smooth hairs are held securely with 14 clips coated with silicone to offer a long lasting service.

The extensions have double knitted designs to achieve better hair density and have 7 parts of hair with the placement of the clips at the profile and rear to add a bouncy look when wearing it. As the clip in extensions are made using 100% human hair, it must be styled with care and has a natural sheen to deliver a glossy effect to any hairstyle. The buyers can choose any hair extension of their choice in any preferred length and shade to give a natural makeover to their tresses. They offer clip in extensions in an array of colors, such as aschblond, gold blond, light brown, dark brown, medium brown, chestnut brown, jet black, natural black etc.

About OxyExtensions.de:

OxyExtensions.de is the well known online shop to buy hair extensions of high quality and accessories for hair at best prices. They have now introduced the clip in type hair extensions in varied colors to match the natural hair color of the buyers. Their hair extensions are crafted from 100% natural human hairs that are held together using silicon coated clips to offer a layered and voluminous look.

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