New Zealand Business Man Brian Martin Receives Esteem Award From The Emperor Of Japan

Brian Martin of Auckland, New Zealand and CEO of has been awarded ‘The Honor of the Rising Sun with Golden Rays’ award. The Emperor Of Japan awarded this pristine honor to Mr Martin for developing and expanding trade, and developing deeper relationships between the two nations of Japan and New Zealand.

Brian Martin has an impressive resume including heading corporate giants like Levi Strauss and Triumph International in Japan. He founded IAS Learning Group after retiring at 49 and paved the way in Leadership Transformation in New Zealand, and Japan.

At 79 Mr Martin shows no signs of slowing down and in the last year has turned his focus to one on one coaching online. He is committed to assisting individuals and businesses be the best that they can be.

The award given is a great accomplishment and the second awarded to a New Zealander.

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About Brian Martin

I have been studying and delivering results in business, leadership and Business coaching Wellington for over 35 years.  Unlike so many other business coaches, I have had huge successes.  I’m not just some random guy with all the answers, I have been there and done it.  I have been in charge of overseeing the performance of thousands of employees, turning around huge multinational business from deficits to profits.  I worked my way from being a ditch digger in New Zealand to being the Chief Executive of Triumph International.  I was also the Chief Exectutive for Levi Strauss Asia.  On my first day I sold over $5,000,000 worth of product, which exceeded the sales target for the entire year.  I earned a world record for Levi’s that day and proudly accepted an award. I became the founding Managing Director of Levi’s New Zealand.

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