‘Microvice Manifesto’ by Andrew Christofer Updates Shakespeare to Modernity in its Most Raw and Visceral Appeal

Los Angeles, CA – Everyone knows how universal Shakespearean themes and language are, but do they retain their deep sense of profundity today? One man, Andrew Christofer, has decided to take the plunge into this uncharted territory with the production of the three-part web hosted film series, ‘Microvice Manifesto’.

‘Microvice Manifesto’, set in today’s Los Angeles, is Shakespeare as he would sound today, in glaring streets and traffic, and an illuminated urban chaos. As an actor and director, Andrew Christofer has worked singlehandedly to come up with a visual treatment that superimposes centuries old text upon contemporary cinematic styling. The result is that we now know how visually enticing Shakespeare’s words were, and how still very relevant are his insights into the human spirit and its perennial questions.

The three-part anthology comprises short films with the themes ‘As you like it’ (starring Sam Spanjian), ‘Hamlet’ (starring Dre Dimura) and ‘Richard III’ (starring Andrew Christofer). The episodes stay away from plots to create an audio-visual experience that works like a music album or an art gallery installation. They go with the recent surge in interest in Shakespeare, and reflecting on what meanings these works, written centuries ago, still hold for humanity today and going forward, and how art and performance have always reflected what is truly human.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/cGJKNzKwL0s?list=PLaZE0pmQBVwRAzwnQ-v_6_AjDkztkq3MW

“I wanted to take the visual nature of his words and see what they would look like in a contemporary urban environment. I was also curious how illuminating these characters with the unspoken undertone of today’s fast and all-consuming popular culture could lend itself to a more compelling viewing experience.”

Visceral, visual, current and raw are the states that viewers experience in ‘Microvice Manifesto’, which aim to become a much grander project. ”It’s what you don’t know about these characters and their environment and experiences that will move you, not what you do know,” says Christofer.

Andrew Christofer, the one-man band of production company Wild In Our Ways, didn’t have it easy going, lacking in means, equipment and finances, but knew what he wished to see in the final product. “The only thing I was absolutely certain of is what I wanted to end result to look like and how I wanted it to change the shape of how most people view Shakespeare.”

In the end, ‘Microvice Manifesto’ is a testimony to Christofer’s mission to bring Shakespeare alive in the best way he knew, and his belief that having an idea is not enough, and that there is always a way to make an idea or dream come true.

For more information, please visit: www.wildinourways.com

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