Aroma Bravo Coffee Excited About the Growing Nitro Coffee Craze

Aroma Bravo is thrilled about the prospect of nitro coffee as the next big thing in the coffee market.

Carson City, NV – July 24, 2017 – Among all the coffee drinks that have gone viral this year, there’s only one trend that Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea is actually impressed with. That trend is called nitro coffee—an infusion of cold brew coffee and nitrogen gas that makes the perfect cold coffee drink for the summer.

Although nitro coffee has been around since 2011, it wasn’t until last year when the beverage started getting traction in the commercial coffee market. Today, it’s a popular choice especially among serious coffee lovers. Part of the attraction to nitro coffee is its smooth, creamy texture and foamy top that looks similar to draft beer. Handcrafted in small batches, nitro coffee has an artisan feel to it that makes it attractive to coffee aficionados who indulge in gourmet coffee.

“I love nitro coffee because it brings out the best flavors of the gourmet coffee,” says an Aroma Bravo representative. “The mellow acidity and smooth creaminess are very delightful to the palate. It’s also amazing how it can taste sweet and creamy when there’s actually no milk and sugar in it.”

Nitro coffee is often served without dairy, ice or sugar because the gas already adds a subtle sweetness and creaminess. It may be more expensive than a regular cold brew coffee but many coffee enthusiasts agree that nitro coffee has a far more superior mouthfeel and overall taste.

“I’ve often wondered how our Honduras whole bean coffee would taste like when combined with nitrogen. Since our gourmet coffee beans are suitable for making cold brew coffee, they might also produce a refreshing glass of nitro coffee. We’d definitely like to try this in the future if the opportunity arises,” the representative further remarked.

The nitro coffee trend is only starting to grow but it could potentially be the next big thing in the coffee world. The prospect is very promising, and Aroma Bravo is excited to see what the future of coffee will be like in the coming years.

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