LiquidCool Solutions CEO Herb Zien Discusses Immersive Cooling at the Advancements in Thermal Management Conference

Rochester, MN / Denver, CO – July 24, 2017 – LiquidCool Solutions, Inc. (LCS) announced today that CEO Herb Zien was selected to speak at Thermal 2017 – the Advancements in Thermal Management Conference being held August 9-10 in Denver. Zien will speak to design engineers, academia, system engineers, material scientists, CTOs and R&D managers about cooling server electronics at the chip by total immersion in a dielectric fluid.

During his presentation, titled “Fans are the Horses of the Digital Age,” Zien will equate the transition from air to immersive cooling to the move from equine to auto – and then segue into LCS’ latest advancements in server cooling technologies.

Unlike most other liquid cooling technologies, LCS does not use cold plates, rear doors, or evaporative cooling. LCS is the only company that mmerses all electronic components in a dielectric liquid, and then directs the coolest liquid to the hottest components first to maintain temperatures within thermal limits before capturing heat from the other electronics in the server. Since all electronics are submerged in the liquid, virtually all of the server heat is removed by the dielectric fluid.

LiquidCool’s proprietary technology underwent extensive testing and has been validated by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Intel. Zien will share some of the test data in Denver.

Said Zien, “Cooling electronics with air makes no sense and total immersion is the end game for cooling IT equipment. LCS offers the only technology that eliminates air cooling completely, removes almost 100% of the heat in the liquid, keeps water out of the data center, and captures a 55oC liquid, for energy recovery. Unlike the conversion from horse power to horsepower, the LCS liquid immersive server technology has no negative effects on our natural ecosystem. And it costs less, too. Why would anyone do anything else?”

About LiquidCool Solutions

LiquidCool Solutions is a technology development firm with patents surrounding cooling electronics by total immersion in a dielectric fluid. LCS technology can be used to cool electronics of any shape and size. LCS licenses its IP to OEMs looking for a cooling solution that saves energy, saves space, enhances reliability, operates silently, conserves water and can be surprisingly easy to maintain in the field. LCS cooling technology has the capacity of dissipating 100 kilowatts per rack at costs far less than alternative technologies:

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