Shanghai Metal Introduces High Corrosion Resistant Copper Pipe Coils for Civil & Industrial Construction

Insulation copper pipe coils with good elongation, good corrosion resistance, good electrical and heat conduction features introduced by Shanghai Metal Corporation are available for industrial clients across the world.

For the construction of residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other buildings, insulated copper tubes are an important component. Shanghai Metal supplies high quality insulated copper tubes and coils that come with several outstanding features. At the same time, these products are available in a variety of dimensions to suit the construction requirements of various types of buildings.

According to the company spokesperson, the insulation copper pipe coil they supply has excellent elongation and corrosion properties. A better elongation allows the coil to withstand high temperature and makes it heat resistant. At the same time, the coil is made of copper that features a high heat conductivity that saves it from any kind of deformity. The spokesperson reveals that the coil can strike an elongation of up to 15% and this signifies the quality of the product.

Shanghai Metal Introduces High Corrosion Resistant Copper Pipe Coils for Civil & Industrial Construction

The spokesperson reveals that the insulated copper tube can be suitably extruded and processed to be used in construction projects. The tube also features excellent climate hardiness so that it can easily bear environmental elements and can offer a long-lasting performance. Shanghai Metal manufactures all copper tubes and coils according to international standards. This is the reason why their products are in huge demand across international markets. They ship these products to many different countries in safe packaging with clear labels and identification symbols that ensure their safe handling. At the same time, they maintain a ready stock of copper tubes and coils and deliver products in a timely manner, irrespective of the location of the client.

Besides the construction industry, the insulated copper tubing coil also has its significant application in the transportation of drinking water, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, coal gas etc. The company supplies insulated copper tubes that can be used in the drinking water systems and gas transmission projects. One can learn more about these copper tubes and coils and their dimensions and qualities by visiting the website

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