Kuntai Machinery Introduces Nesting Cutting Machine for Continuous Cutting of Various Non-Metal Materials

The cutting machine can be used for cutting single or multiple layers of various non-metal materials and can have its application in industries, such as automotive interior, abrasives, leather goods, clothes, footwear, foam products and others.

With a variety of cutting machines in their portfolio, Kuntai Machinery helps industries in producing many types of goods with specific quality. These precise cutting machines are suitable for a range of applications and can be used in a number of industries.

The company has introduced the Nesting Cutting Machine that comes fitted with the servo motor for an accurate feeding. The machine can be used for continuous cutting of non-metal materials, such as foam, sponge, leather, clothe and others. It can easily cut multilayer sheet materials with the sliding table feeding. The die cutting machine can be set to manual or automatic working mode as per the requirement of the industry. The machine can reduce the manual efforts and can enhance the efficiency of the workers. The machine is fitted with the special hydraulic system that reduces noise and also saves oil.

Nesting Cutting Machine

Among different types of cutting machines, the company’s EPDM cutting machine is significantly popular in the industry for its advanced features. The machine can be used for cutting multiple layers of rubber and can have its application in many industries. Fitted with the PLC control system, the machine allows the automatic setting of cutting parameters for an accurate cutting of materials. The machine operator can accurately set the feeding length of the material and which enhances the production efficiency. At the same time, the machine can operate, consuming less power and which adds to the cost-effectiveness of the industry.

Kuntai Machinery also specializes in supplying the Automotive interior cutting machine that is suitable for cutting different non-metal materials, including fabric, rubber, plastic, leather etc. The machine can effectively cut both rolled materials and sheet materials. Using PLC and touch screen control system, the operator can easily control the whole cutting process. The machine can operate in manual, automatic or semi-automatic mode. There are several other features that make this machine suitable for the automotive interior industry.

To know more about the cutting machines and their different features, one can visit the website http://www.kuntai-group.com

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