Financially Simple, a Finance Blog to Help Make Better Finance Decisions

Finally, a financial blog has arrived which is not using financial jargon. With so many choices available today, finding a reliable and equally educative finance blog is a challenging task. There are so many blogs online now giving finance tips and leaving out the real financial education, which is the gap financiallysimple has been bridging.

The Financially Simple blog is aimed at all business owners who want to grow their businesses and retire with dignity. There is a guide for every phase of life: Just Starting, Growing, preparing to retire and post retirement. The blog is a simple free financial learning spot with educative blog posts, tax tips, and Vlogs. New contents are uploaded daily and remodified from time to time.

The owner of the blog, Justin Goodbread has this to say about the blog, “It’s unfortunate that personal finance is not a compulsory subject in college and high school yet. This is one of the reasons why so many are relatively clueless when it comes to money management in the real world. Getting started is the hard part. So to help you understand what you need to know about personal finance, here is a free platform that will help guide you to living a worry free financial life”. He also had this to say about the need to keep yourself updated about the finance world “Take steps today to ensure your hard-earned money doesn’t vanish into thin air by taking a drastic step towards safeguarding your wealth. Get yourself abreast about insurance, mortgaging, whatever type of financing scheme that benefits you. In the long run, this guard your decision making and your wealth. When the need arises, this information will be there to guard you when making financial decisions that might affect your income. Especially if you ever become unable to work or face a tragedy such a burglary or fire.”

About Financially Simple

FinanciallySimple is a blog created to help people make financially sound decisions. The blog strives to educate individuals in making wise choices about money. Our mission is to develop business owners who try to make better decisions about debt, investing, education, real estate, insurance, spending, and more.

Our Getting Started post The Eight Personal Financial Tips For Young Adults will guide these individuals in making these financial decisions. 

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