How to Deal with the Biggest Little Party-invading Pests Revealed

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY – 25 Jul, 2017 – You are outside and enjoying the sun with your friends and family at whatever picnic you are going to this weekend. Regardless of the day, temperature, house or environment, there are always little pests that cause the biggest disturbance during the day.

No matter the pest, they make everyone run in the opposite direction. Whether it is the annoying cloud of bugs flying towards you as you’re playing cornhole or the little insects resting on the perfect piece of watermelon, there are different techniques to keep these pests away from your backyard picnic.

1. Clover Mites

Do you know the little, red bugs that look like a dot that are constantly moving? Those are clover mites. They rely on grass and clover as their food source and prefer feeding where there is heavy fertilization. These pests can make their way into the home through cracks in the window and cracks in the siding.

By the time you realize these pests are in your home, they could already have laid eggs and have new mites growing within your home. It takes as little as nine days for clover mite eggs to hatch.

If clover mites take up residency in your home, do smash them. Their red pigment will stain surfaces within your home that you want to avoid. The best way to control the problem is to call a pest control professional like UltraPro Pest Protection. They will come in and use a pesticide that will specifically target the mites. A follow-up appointment would need to be made to take care of those eggs that might have been left in the home, but it could make all the difference to keep clover mites from taking over your home.

2. Fruit Flies

You forgot about the bananas on the counter that have now gone bad, causing a huge swarm of pests to take refuge on the fermenting fruit. Regardless of whether it is fruit or vegetables, fruit flies are the source of these small pests that made their way into your home. These flies are attracted to ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes, tomatoes, squash and any other food that falls into that category. Not only are they attracted to fruit, but they are also attracted to decaying meat, trash cans and messes that contain a lot of sugar such as a soda or juice spill.

The most common way fruit flies make their way inside is through vegetables or fruits that come inside after being picked. For example, if you have an outdoor garden or go fruit picking at a local farm, the odds of fruit flies coming into your house are greater than if you buy them at the store.

It is hard to get rid of fruit fly infestations from the home. The first step is to look for any fruits or vegetables they might be attracted to on the counter. If there is no produce around, the next step would be to check the trash cans and the drains. Any of these places are a ground for fruit flies to reproduce and grow. A pest control professional can recommend different bacterial digesters to pour down the drain or fruit fly traps, which are only temporary solutions.

3. Gnats

We all know these pests if we are trying to enjoy a nice day outside. No matter where you walk, these annoying, little pests follow right behind you. Little do people know, they are attracted to the extra brush in people’s yards. This include piles of grass clippings, piles of leaves and any dead plants left in the yard.

Cleaning up the extra debris in the yard will help rid these pests from your yard before they overrun your picnic. Although very difficult, you can try to remove excess moisture from your yard to help keep these pests away.

If these pests continue to cause a nuisance, use fly strips to immediately help with the issue. Pest control professionals like UltraPro Pest Protection can also come in and use insecticides to rid your yard of these pests.

No one wants their picnics or home lives wrecked by the smallest of pests. With the help of pest control professionals, you will be able to gain control of the situation and create a fun environment for all your upcoming outdoor events.

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