Open-source License Launched as Leading Real Data Blockchain Application

In an age aflame with blockchain fervor, any and all projects incapable of creating an application market and industry technology are hypes and stunts. The word “technology” (from Greek τέχνη, techne, “art and skill”; and -λόγος, -logos, “say”) implies that technology is our inborn talent of speech. We all know that every language is not an independent system but part of a larger cultural system. It’s the same with the blockchain technology, which resembles an extension of modern technological civilization in both categorization and development. The German equivalent of “technology” is “Technik”, which includes not only technology in itself, but all the associated skills and processes. Dedicated to allowing for easier participation in Ethereum development, injects e-Science data and information, i.e. the core of communication, into smart contracts to make data cluster usage and identification recordable, searchable and tradable. Using authentication in certification agreement-based swarm intelligence introduces a mutualism between the data source and the user and makes the development of blockchain applications no longer an unreachable goal for any developers and individuals.

As a smart contract development process contributing to unified data and information interaction in the economic, political, educational and cultural systems, the blockchain technological revolution has initiated the concept of consensus, sharing and mutualism, therefore constituting a brand-new social credit mechanism running on the blockchain. In Technics and Civilization U.S. sociologist Lewis Mumford stressed that technology should not work solely for itself, but as a set of all the society-improving concepts and methods. Likewise, the blockchain is used not for a single-skill scenario, but for a multiple-skill application scenario. combines smart contract mechanism with data writing authentication mechanism and builds a fundamental data protocol layer for developers to apply product data in society and industries. Therefore, is regarded as the “technological quotient” (TQ) of the open-source blockchain data protocol which extensively categorizes and combines more massive real data with building tools.

While the conventional server-centric model implies geopolitics of science and technology and relates to power, TQ, as an open-source blockchain community, campaigns for the breaking of regional isolation and motivates different sectors, data, countries and organizations to accept the blockchain protocol and develop brand-new adaptability on platform. In this manner, real data demanders in need of real data are able to come to a reinforced consensus on full intelligence and credit nodes. As an emerging technological platform with diverse inclusiveness, has the potential to change the status quo and serves as the linchpin of market dominance. How do the various industry applications affect the distribution of blockchain-based smart contract technology? Can we maximize the benefits of technological applications while minimizing the shortcomings based on the primitive characteristics of life of the blockchain? Under data protocols, the differences between the West and the East are no longer important, as are application classification those between and data classification. Any and all participants involved in interconnected data—cities, countryside, hinterland, cloud communities and individual developers—will compete or cooperate to reach a consensus on blockchain data protocol. supports data source writing and calling for all the hotspots: sports, flights, entertainment, news, research and academics, weather, finance, society, etc. It allows for setting different hotspots and outcome parameter predictions under the framework of which data writer will automatically get the Scry token gas incentive for smart contract settlement after executes data token transactions autonomously through smart contracts. Developers can create their own client-side dapps with facility over a Turing-complete blockchain data agreement to call extensive cross-industry categorical data for transaction and settlement.

The future has arrived, but it’s distributed unevenly. In a high-tech age fraught with political institutions and transitions, any and all technologies we invent come out of collaboration. The increasingly widening social disparity is dependent not on the type of regime or income, but on the capability of individuals and organizations to harness new technology. believes humans to be supercooperators, that is to say, the most proficient species in cooperation. Societies and individuals continually improving TQ and believing in an internationally-shared open-source blockchain will be more prepared to embrace a brighter future. fills us with the hope for an unprecedented future of a data-smart contract duo. Let’s exploit the blockchain to link up all the worthy things, create trust and bring forth a mutualistic scenario.

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