A doting mom introduces safest non-toxic powerful pest repellant to keep all bugs at bay

Mom’s Bug Spray assures a healthier alternative to typical harmful chemical-based pest repellants and also promises an efficient fight against almost all kinds of insects.

Marienville, PA – July 25, 2017 – Summer means outdoors and outdoors means insects. There is no dearth of pest repellants around yet most of them are dangerous for health given their cancer-causing ingredients. But the scene is to change for better this summer- A doting mom has recently come up with a healthier alternative to chemical-based regular bug repellants that assures complete safety for the whole family. Aptly named as “Mom’s Bug Spray”, it’s an all-natural non-toxic pest repellant which is as powerful as the chemical counterparts yet minus the usual health worries.

The bug spray can be used by anybody from kids to adults and pets.

Designed with utmost care, Mom’s Bug Spray is completely DEET free. It is made up of certified organic ingredients and proprietary mix of essential oils. The ingredients are mineral oil, rose geranium, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, citronella and cedarwood. The product was initially tested among friends and family before the official release in the general market. The testing phase has received tremendous response from the users. Added to its safe and powerful pest repellent results, users have also liked the fresh beautiful fragrance of the bug spray. 

“With the sunny days at their peak, all of us are gearing for picnics and camps. You must be packing your insect repellent in your backpack but do you know that’s harmful for health? Yes, the regular pest repellants are chemical based and contain cancer-causing agents. We know this because we have looked for chemicals to avoid since we have a long family history of cancer. However, we live in deep woods where insects are a regular thing. Thus, we were always into the pest repellants. They were powerful no doubt but at the same time extremely harmful. Thus, my mom took it upon her to design an au-natural bug spray that would be both highly efficient and safe for the family- thus Mom’s Bug Spray was born”, stated Maximus McCullough when asked about the latest insect repellent.  

Speaking further, he said that battling Lyme disease in the family also served as another inspiration behind the product.

“We have used Mom’s Bug Spray throughout last summer. Our life is now completely bug free without the typical health worries.”

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/D28plkkthJ8

Mom’s Bug Spray can be used on children without or with allergies. It is devoid of any artificial color, preservative and additive. Also, it does not contain any animal product as well as being free of gluten, yeast, soy, casein, wheat, egg and nut oils. The spray can be sprayed to any part of the body that might come in contact with insects (except the eyes). 

The product further assures full refund on customer dissatisfaction. 

To get your bottle of Mom’s Bug Spray, visit https://momsbugspray.com

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