George Bricker Reanimates a Hollywood Classic Genre in New Book

Embarking simply as a cliché horror movie plot; the book soon entails numerous perplexities, unfathomable coincidences, and countless irrational twists. High schoolers (Norman Felskin and Betsy Poldosky) have been recently cast in the highly successful radio show, “The Valley Sleuths.” The story begins quite innocent… as George Bricker unpretentiously relates in his republished thriller… “Tickling Chanterelle.

The setting is Los Angeles, circa 1937… and RTO Studios (the Rensselaer Theatrical Orpheum) has launched a massive cinematic production titled, “The Nightmare Castle of Horror.” This expansive project trundles onward despite the incalculable challenge the studio faces, as it heads towards an inevitable and catastrophic bankruptcy.

As it would turn out, Norman soon meets a boy named Julio Velasquez at one of the studio’s cafeterias. He reveals that some puzzling, even horrific developments are taking place at the Old European Section of the prodigious complex. George Bricker detachedly unravels the mystery; all, as the young protagonists (and Julio) embark on a clandestine adventure… weaving various clues of his uncle’s whereabouts; eventually leading them to a mystifying brush with a number of inexplicable visitors; and ostensibly, a chance encounter… the mysterious phenomenon surreptitiously referred to as the “Moradhaku.”

As one reviewer on Goodreads recently articulated,I liked how this book kept you in suspense from the very first chapter… the ending really got me shook.”

Bricker’s suspenseful, rapid-paced novel provides a striking backdrop; compelling the reader to continuously portend where the mysterious journey will take them next. The novel’s distinct characters (Horace D. Bildeburg, Professor Lo, Jose Padilla, etc.) are latently flawed in their diverging complexion and motives.

Tickling Chanterelle; a marvelous suspense for the discriminating enthusiast… the avid reader who relishes the dissevering of a fine mystery.

You… will indeed be rendered speechless by the artistic ending (which serves) as Bricker’s unique signature.

George Bricker

Tickling Chanterelle

Available in printed and electronic formats on Amazon, Toplink Publishing, Barnes and Noble, And more resellers.

About the Author

George Bricker is a retired public-school teacher from Northern California and has been writing for many years… a few of the works produced: Pure Iron Metal Head; Hideous Praxis; A Viridian Shore, the Anthologie; The Legend of Rail Wolf; Music Words, Selected Short Stories & Poems from the Usual Bohemian; “Traipsing to Auschwitz;” “Drinking Banana Milk at Matt Marsh’s;” “The Wautowma Worm Moon Festival Talent Show;” & “The Buffalo & the Hen.”

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