Airwheel R8 Smart Mountain Electric Bike Is the Ideal Fitness and Entertainment Equipment

It becomes the common trouble of people when it comes to how to exercise. Some people are willing to go to gym. Many more people prefer to take exercise in the open air, like park or even the yards behind their houses. Then, selecting a type of suitable fitness equipment becomes very important. With the advent of Airwheel R8 hybrid bike, all problems are readily solved.

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Life tempo is much faster than before. At the same time, people’s health awareness is stronger and stronger. Taking exercise is the best channel to keep health. With the advent of Airwheel smart e bikes, all problems are readily solved. Comparatively speaking, Airwheel R8 triangle electric bikeis the best one. The triangle frame is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminium alloy casting to lock the joint, firm and crush resistance


Airwheel R8 lightweight Smart Triangle Electric Bike has made several technological breakthroughs. First of all, it realizes three ride modes, which gives riders more flexible riding. Riders can alter riding styles of man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles freely. Just like you ride traditional bikes, you can choose the man-powered mode to build up body. However, if you think it is too tiring for you, you can choose the power-assisted mode. When you want to have a rest, you can choose the electricity-assisted mode to have an effortless riding experience. Its powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, offers more powerful and stable force.


Its brushless motor takes the magnetic encoder as the sensor, with precise controllability, invariableness turning speed and power saving, greatly reducing friction during running to give riders a smooth and low noise ride.

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What’s more, its battery can serve as a portable power source with the USB port, compatible with the mainstream phones and tablets. Riding Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike has become a widely-accepted exercising fashion, especially for young people. They can ride it in the park or even in their own houses. After all, the small-sized R8 just needs a small place.

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