Building a Better Employee Training Platform with Brainscape

New York-based online educational site provides excellent employee training platform.

New York – July 25, 2017 – Brainscape (, a New York, New York-based online training site, is a web & mobile education platform that provides hundreds of millions of people facing the challenge of studying a new skill, subject, or foreign language the ability to learn faster, using cognitive science.  Now, they have scaled their training opportunities to include employee training specific to your company’s goals and objectives. 

According to Andrew Cohen, CEO and Found of Brainscape, “Brainscape has built a team of top learning scientist, software engineers, user experience designers, and education industry executives to redevelop the way people study for the next millennium.”  Companies are finding out that by using task-related flashcard systems, designed by Brainscape, their employee learning and retention has greatly increased.  Additionally, the flashcard system makes builds wonderfully upon the current classroom instruction.  Beginning as an Excel spreadsheet in a cognitive science lab at Columbia University, Brainscape has since evolved into a robust web & mobile learning ecosystem. This is where you can learn more.

Cohen says, “For too many of us, this learning process is brutally slow, boring, inconvenient, ineffective, and impermanent. Brainscape is here to change that. We apply the latest in cognitive science research to make studying as accessible, fun, and effective as humanly possible.”  Instead of relying on search engines to give us answers, Brainscape flashcard systems build on the process of thinking and understanding information on a deeper cognitive level. Although some may argue that rote memorization is an outdated educational practice, especially with Google and Wikipedia on demand assistance, instant recall of facts related to a company’s vision statement, or goals and objectives, shows greater understanding by the employee of how they fit into the company’s bottom line. You can find more resources on organizational development, staff development, and training at the National Staff Development and Training Association.

Finally, Cohen says, “But we’re only just getting started.  In the coming decades, the Brainscape team will continue to apply the latest cognitive science research regarding the patterns of repetition, color, font style, social interactions, breaks, sounds, humor, animations, achievements, and rewards that best improve our brain’s speed of learning.”  Certainly, your company could benefit to include Brainscape’s employee training platform.

Source: Andrew Cohen

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