Russia’s Southwest State University Awards Monspace Founder Jessy Lai with Honorary Professorship

Founder and CEO of Monspace Multinational Corp Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai has been awarded an Honorary Professorship in Diplomacy and International Relationship by the Southwest State University, Russia. 

Southwest State University was founded in 1964, and has constantly innovated in accordance to society’s ever changing needs. Today, it is one of the best and most modern institutions in Kursk, especially in the fields of research and education. The university has been actively participating in international activities, and enjoys close collaborations with more than 70 institutions from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Scientific breakthroughs by this university in robotics, information technology, and machinery are being used by aviation industries in and out of Russia.

As CEO and founder of Monspace Multinational Corp, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai has expanded her work into many parts of Asia and beyond. Her frequent interaction with international business and political leaders have not only allowed Monspace to be known throughout the world, but also built many bridges between corporate Malaysia and the international community.

Lai’s core beliefs in international relations are based on three principles: a concern for humanities, maintaining the spirit of innovation, and always adopting a global perspective. These allow her to inspect and analyse international markets with a vision that’s clear and future-proof.

Her journeys around the world has also widened her horizon and educated her about the various corporate cultures and business systems that work outside of Malaysia. It undoubtedly has a great impact on her world view, and reflects in her work.

“I am humbled to receive this honorary professorship. Hopefully, this allows me to encourage cultural exchange on an international level,” said Lai.

In terms of social responsibility, Lai is a well-known philanthropist often showing unreserved care and support for charitable causes. She cares about gender equality, the poor, and the underserved. Previously she has led Monspace to provide relief and support during the Tianjin explosion, and even built a school in rural China to help bring education to kids. Last year, she reached out to a city in East Caribbean, and built a school to ensure kids get their primary education.

“Caring and giving to society is one of the core values of Monspace. A successful entrepreneur shouldn’t be focused on profit alone, but rather how they can make the world a better place. There are many people in need, and I am just doing what’s within my abilities to help,” said Lai.

Lai also mentioned that Monspace has funded many social causes, taking a diverse approach to fulfil its social responsibilities.

“Beyond donating and volunteering, Monspace integrates the spirit of charity right into it’s operations and core beliefs,”

Lai is also passionate about gender equality, and has participated many women’s forums as speaker to defend women’s equal access to opportunities.

“I don’t see a point in adding the word ‘female’ before entrepreneur. Business is gender-neutral. Both men and women are equally capable of doing good business, and I think adding a gender qualifier draws unnecessary attention to my gender, not my work. Let’s forget about gender labels and focus on equality instead,” explained Lai.

“I’ve always been passionate and outspoken about women’s rights, and I will continue being so. I recognise my privilege, that I’m in a place where I’m able to speak to many—so I will take it upon myself to speak out for the women out there who don’t have a voice.”

One of Monspace’s most recent efforts in innovation is to adapt Block Chain technology into their operations. It keeps business deals more effective, safe, and private.

“I also plan to step up on my engagements with international leaders and great minds, learn from them, and have discussions with them about improving Malaysia’s business landscape,” said Lai.

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