Local McKinney AC Repair Specialists, DMS Air, Help Residents Avoid High Repair Costs For Summer With Helpful Tips And Fast Maintenance

McKinney, Texas – With temperatures on the rise, most AC units are running at full blast this summer. But what most homeowners are still neglecting the proper and timely maintenance that their air conditioners need to remain a functional and affordable cooling option throughout the summer. One of the most important aspects of keeping an AC unit running at its best is making sure that the unit has a proper level of refrigerant. DMS Air, a local McKinney AC repair and installation company, helps homeowners avoid high equipment repair costs and replacements by providing a fast and affordable maintenance service which includes monitoring refrigerant levels.

“It is a common misconception that AC units need freon,” explains owner of DMS Air, Paul Denman. “In fact, most units in operation today use R410a in place of freon. Nevertheless, most people simply don’t think about checking their R410a levels in their air conditioning units. As this refrigerant leaks out of the system, it can cause less effective cooling, which in turn leads to higher energy bills since your air conditioner is working harder to keep you cool. Checking your refrigerant levels on a regular basis is incredibly fast and affordable when compared with the costs and time associated with most equipment repairs.”

Running an air conditioner will raise a home’s utility costs, but not nearly as much as running an air conditioner that is leaking R410a. Not to mention the cost of equipment repairs for a system that has further malfunctions due to a leak in refrigerant. The McKinney AC repair company aims to help local residents avoid these high costs by offering a fast and affordable check and fill of refrigerant levels, which can be done in about 30 minutes.

DMS Air maintains pristine repair record, thanks in part to their team of experienced and thoroughly trained repair and installation technicians. The company works round the clock to help insure that local residents have a reliable and competitively priced source for air conditioning repair, regular maintenance and checks, and new model installation when they need it most. In addition, DMS Air is able to service all makes and models of air conditioning units, including commercial, residential, and industrial models. Their service options cover a wide array of possible issues and components, including coil inspection, indoor and outdoor fan inspection, control panel repair or replacement, and motor inspection. Known for their commitment to providing the best options and services to their customers in McKinney and Greenville, DMS Air also freely offers suggestions on how to keep a unit running more efficiently, including their suggestions on regularly checking and maintaining R410a levels.

For AC repairs, DMS Air can be found at 4413 San Fernando McKinney, TX 75070. DMS Air services both McKinney and Greenville, Texas. Interested personnel may contact them via phone at (214) 794-0166 or via email at info@dmsair.com. To know more about DMS Air, visit their website at http://dmsair.com/.

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