CCC IT Provides Premium Service to Bristol Clients

Bristol, United Kingdom – According to a 2014 report conducted by the Office for National Statistics, 38 million adults in the UK access the internet every day.  Out of those 38 million adults, 22 million households had internet access, which increases online activities such as shopping, security, and storage according to the report. With that being said, we see an increase in individuals who are lead to believe they are IT professionals because they have a computer or access to the internet. No matter how experienced an individual believes they are, it is best to leave IT services to the professionals at CCC IT.

Since the company wasestablished in 2006, CCC IT has managed and provided IT support to a number of businesses in the South-West England region regardless of size. The company’s success can be credited to their relationships built with clients while enhancing their IT Infrastructures. Unlike leading IT competitors, CCC IT strives to be transparent and not use technical jargon,which not only allows the company to be open about their actions and advice, but it also engages their clientele.

Communication is not only rooted in their values, but is also one of the many services they provide. As a business themselves, they understand the importance of a communication system and without it, businesses suffer. Regardless if a business is just starting up or has been established for several years, CCC IT has a communication solution. Clients have the option to choose from Broadband, Telecoms and other phone systems which are installed and managed by them.

Speaking of phones and services, individuals that own an iPhone are familiar with iCloud which allows them to securely store photos, videos, and documents. CCC IT offers a similar service, cloud computing, which allows businesses to securely store documents and other files using the internet and can be accessed anywhere. Cloud computing is simple and reliable in comparison to an expensive hardware.

Expenses are a contributing factor as to why individuals are lead to believe they are an IT professional. CCC IT continues to be the leading IT Support Company in Bristol by offering managed and supported IT services at an established monthly price. For those individuals who are interested in IT services that can’t be beaten, they are encouraged to contact the professionals at CCC IT.

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Company Name: CCC IT
Contact Person: Oliver Thompson
Phone: 01173700050
City: Bristol
Country: United Kingdom