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Melbourne, VIC – Life demands a lot from everyone. The weight of the day can reign heavier on bad days, and at times, it seems that bad days just go on forever. Mental wellness is a crucial factor of maintaining a positive, productive and loving lifestyle. But keeping up with the struggles of the human mind can be challenging and if one suffers from other mental ailments, the battle is only harder. Finding a psychologist that satisfies a range of selection criteria can sometimes be hard. TrueCounsellor is an online directory for Australian health professionals that work in fields such as psychotherapy, psychology and counselling… Launched in 2015, they have a wealth of mental health practitioners listed on their site. It’s free to find a mental health practioner in your area. So whether you’re looking for Adelaidepsychologists, or a professional in regional Australia, you’ll be able to find someone who meets your requirements.

TrueCounsellor was launched out of a desire to help others. It allows individuals to instantly reach for help and find a psychologist, all from the convenience of their home computer. The ability to read reviews and full background information is one of the top noted benefits of using this site. Their vision is to make it simpler for individuals suffering to share concerns, privately and safely, with real experienced professionals.

True to their ethos of wanting to help others in need, they have now made their popular Ebook ‘Taking Control: A Complete Guide To Mental Health In Australia’, available free for download. The guide address common misconceptions about mental health issues, types of therapy, addresses FAQs and lots more.

Other than being the best collective of qualified mental help, the site provides information and literature on many other mental health topics. The guide details how to choose the right psychologist or practitioner, as well as understanding all the options and what to expect during therapy sessions. Julie, a mother from Adelaide expressed gratitude about how much easier this guide made it to get help, “I’ve suffered a long time without really ever reaching for help. I put everything and everyone before myself and it’s resulted in some tough times. But someone referred me to this guide and I had no trouble at all finding a great counsellor to work with.” It cannot be stressed enough how important the mind is to the wellbeing of the body. Finding a safe and trustworthy professional to work with is no longer another uphill battle to confront alone. TrueCounsellor is there to provide access to the necessary resources to find a counsellor, and to nurture a better life.

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