Airwheel Z5 Folding Smart Electric Scooter Be Applied To The Designated Driving Sector

In the daytime, Loren is an office worker and at night, he will be a designated driver to make more money. On the road to happiness, the Airwheel Z5 mini electric scooter has made the process more enjoyable and convenient.

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Faced with the huge pressure of life, many people have to do more than one job to earn more money. Loren is one of them. In the daytime, he is an office worker and at night, he will be a designated driver. He did not think it is toughing, especially he has a great helper—Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter, Loren said. It is Loren’s most flexible and convenient daily alternative transport.

Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter 

Loren rides Airwheel Z5 fast folding electric scooter to go to work to avoid the traffic jam. The Z5 is a perfect combination of the minimal size of a scooter with the ability to move about independently. There is more and more such kind of electric scooters on the road, and it will be safer and safer. Even in rush hours, Loren can easily get rid of the heavy traffic flow and travel freely on the path. At night, Loren will begin his part time job. He usually waits at the outsides of the hotel, because there are many drunk businesspersons who need a designated driver to drive them home. The Airwheel Z5 is not only easy to use and practical to ride in any urban situation.


Its intelligent design is fully manifested when it comes to storing: foldable handlebars and pedals on the support platform turn this electric scooter into a very small package, allowing it to be stowed in very small spaces. That is, the foldable Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter saves much trouble for Loren, as he can easily put the Z5 into the trunk.

Another worth mentioning trait of Z5 standing up electric scooter is the replaceable battery design. Loren will drive any place the passengers want without any worries. Also, the battery can charge his mobile phone allowing him to receive more orders. So, this is Loren’s daily alternative transport, what is yours? If you are considering Airwheel, please search its web do find more info.

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