Toward a Better Life: Dr. Menon’s Candid Tale of Migration to the Land of Dreams

An immigrant’s chronicle of growing up in the old-world traditions of India to his fulfillment of the American Dream, this successful life story is well received by Amazon readers.

Many immigrants are drawn to the United States by the belief that America is the land of opportunity. While chasing that American dream, most immigrants pay a greater price like leaving families behind and struggling to adapt the new culture and demands of the society. Still, there are those who struggle and succeed to pin down their dreams and become a pivotal force and pillar in America’s fast-growing society.

The travails of migration from his beloved India to the realization of his dreams in America is vividly and excellently narrated by Dr. Venugopal K. Menon in his book, My Mother Called Me UNNI – A Doctor’s Tale Of Migration. Both a biographical and geographical memoir, the book tells about Dr. Menon’s cherished childhood in India and the enigmatic teachings of his ancient heritage. The author details his humble beginnings- from graduating as a doctor from the only medical college in the state and serving in the Indian army- to leaving all of the things he loved to find his own destiny in the melting pot of the United States, and finally becoming the President of a reputable medical clinic.

The personal narration also covers several societal, economic, and political issues in the late 20th century up to the present. Dr. Menon narrates about the discrimination he faced in the US and the difficulties of blending into a new culture while trying to maintain his own heritage.

As the author settled in a life of luxury in the United States, he becomes a bridge that connects two different worlds that are both dear to him. Well- received on Amazon with 4.7 average rating out of 5 from 30 verified reviewers, this book stands out for its honest recount and great prose. One buyer states that this book is an, “Instant Classic.”

“This book is essential reading for every migrant who left the land of their birth in search of a different destiny, and for those who are curious to know what that’s like.”

“As an individual, I have remained eternally grateful to receive a life that has rewarded me with a sumptuous treat. I am convinced that I cannot ask for more or expect more, as I stay ultimately comfortable with the assurance. I am content. I am blessed,” the author shares.


My Mother Called Me UNNI – A Doctor’s Tale Of Migration

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About the Author:

Dr. Venugopal Menon was the eldest of seven children to his parents in Kochi, India. He studied in Ernakulam and completed his Bachelor’s degree. He left for Trivandrum and earned his medical education. He served in the Indian Army as a Captain but decided to leave India to follow his American dream. He completed his training in pediatrics, allergy, and immunology in the States. He also worked as an associate owner of the Mc Govern Allergy Clinic in Houston for thirty-five years, and served as its president for eight years before retiring. He was also conferred a Fellowship by the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in London.

Venugopal Menon was involved in several professional, religious, charitable, and civic organizations and served as chairman and president of a few. He and his wife Devi and their three children live in Pearland, Texas.

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