Broadway Treatment Center is setting the industry standard with their unique addiction treatment programs and compassionate staff

Huntington Beach, CA – Broadway Treatment Center is quickly becoming a reputable name in Southern California as an invaluable resource for individuals struggling with addiction. Broadway offers unique treatment programs that focus on a long-term and compassionate approach to recovering from addiction.They aim to provide their clients with the tools needed for sustained abstinence, as well as life skills that will allow them to lead a full life in recovery.

Many people believe that drug and alcohol addiction exists mainly at the local level. In reality, addiction is a prevalent issue on a national scale and has recently become recognized as an epidemic. Addiction significantly impacts an individual’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. It presents harmful consequences in both psychological and physical aspects. While it may seem that addiction treatment centers and resources are abundant, the fact is that many lackadequate care.  Quality addiction treatment requires trained subject matter experts that are both willing and capable of helping individuals explore the key facets that drive addiction.

Broadway Treatment Center houses a caring and compassionate staff who are equipped to educate individuals on healthy coping mechanisms and basic life skills. They aim to provide their clients with all the tools they will need to maintain long-term sobriety and be successful in their recovery from addiction. Broadway can provide those in need of addiction treatment with a monitored detox program, residential inpatient treatment, and an industry leading intensive outpatient program. They arealso experienced in treating individuals who struggle with a co-occurring disorders as part of their integrated approach to addiction treatment.

The most innovative aspect of Broadway’s addiction treatment approach is their use of modern and unique therapies such as Nexalin and Sand Tray therapy. These alternative therapies come from the program’s belief that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. Broadway believes that individuals require multifaceted and individualized care plans to have the best chance at long term recovery. Additionally, Broadway also provides outpatient treatment, sober Living, and intervention services. For a full list of their services, you may click here.

“We care about treating the whole person – the physical, spiritual, psychological, and the emotional,” Tony Orth from Broadway Treatment Center comments. “Recovery from addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, and our approach truly recognizes how important it is to identify factors that act as barriers to recovery so we can work with individuals to overcome them.”

Offering a fresh andcomprehensive approach to addiction treatment, Broadway Treatment Center is quickly gaining a positive reputation in the area from professionals and clients alike. Teaching life skills that go beyond the traditional teachings of abstinence, the center providesclients with the tools they will need to live a fulfilling life beyond addiction. Equipped with knowledge and newly learned skill sets the risk of relapse is considerably lower.Broadway’s compassionate staff work hard to create a safe, comfortable, and familial type of environment for their clients. Once you become part of the Broadway family, you are always a welcomed member, even after you have completed treatment.

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