Lourdes Duque Baron Shows No Signs of Stopping in her craft as a Singer and an Actress

With a new film and album in progress, Lourdes has more to offer this year for her fans and followers alike

She shows no signs of stopping from doing what she does best. HOPE FOR THE WORLD FOUNDATION and Founder Lourdes Duque Baron Lou Baron has recently won  the Prestigious Telly Awards for Short Film Documentary. The Telly Awards is a Globally recognized Award Giving body that previously gave recognition to Disney Channel and ABS-CBN International for TV and Films.

After releasing her music video ”Alive” directed by Willan Rivera, She is doing another power collaboration with the Multi-Awarded director for an indie film project that is set to usher in the Golden Age of Indie film.

“Hangyo” is an International Indie film project which was a result of the collaboration between Timeless Entertainment Incorporated, Clips Films Productions, and Luminous Films.

It is deemed as one of the best Indie film projects in the Philippines right now.

Hangyo is a Bisaya word that means to plea or to beg.

The Indie filmmaking industry of the Philippines is improving, the support of the Philippine Government under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte is at an all- time high resulting to innovations in the screenplay and film process creation.

Hangyo International Indie film project wants to create unparalleled quality. The film production is focused on creating movies that are noteworthy, well thought out. The screenplay is compelling and is a result of a collaboration of artists from different parts of the country.

“Hangyo” is not a political film; it is not seeking to dictate how we should see the drug war in the Philippines. Rather, it is a form of expression, a message and a way to represent the feeling, the urgency and the rush that is happening in the drug war era of the Philippines. The trailer of his new indie film “Hangyo” received massive reactions from social media. With a following of more than 200,000 for its official Fan Page, it came as no surprise that the influential director was able to amass more than 6,000 shares and almost 10k likes. 

Lourdes Duque Baron joins to show her support for creativity. Together with HBO and CSI: New York actor Ivan Germaine Padilla and Hollywood actor Clint Jung and other award winning Indie actors like Leon Miguel, Vic Romano and Moises Magisa a new standard for films in the Philippines has been established through Hangyo International Indie film project. It is best recalled that Lourdes is also one of the main casts of her story and her husband’s spiritual renewal of “Scripted in Heaven” to be released soon, their film adaptation of their book with the same title.

Meanwhile, Lourdes is also back to music with her upcoming 5th record album called, “CHAMELEON.” Her official Youtube channel has amassed almost 150, 000 views. The award-winning singer is also available on her official Apple Music Account.

With what’s in store, Lourdes surely knows how to balance her professional and personal life despite her hectic schedules and pile of commitments.  A woman of resiliency and surprises, her  avid fans will definitely see more sides of her.

About the Author

Lourdes Duque Baron is a Multi-talented artist, an award-winning and Grammy-nominated musician, an award-winning film producer, a dual master’s degree earner, a successful entrepreneur, pageant winner, an actress, and an award-winning author. Her debut book, Scripted in Heaven, is on its way to the big screen. In the first quarter of 2017, she’s one of the 82 honorees for the World Class Excellence Japan Awards and one of the awardees for the Global PNOY Radio Awards by Jimmy Dee in Las Vegas.  She’s also achieved another feat as a certified award-winning producer of “Hope for the World Documentary”, which wins the W.I.N.D International Film Festival for Best Short Film Documentary. W.I.N.D is a non-profit organization that is tagged as the female “Oscar Awards”. The award-giving body focuses on promoting filmmakers, with emphasis on female talent. The same Award giving body has already recognized Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Steve Harvey, Oprah Winfrey, and Angelina Jolie from the year 2011 to 2016. Moreover, this short film just won Telly Award recently as  the BEST short film.

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