Geoff Berman Battles Cancer and Sets Life-Changing Survival

An inspiring ride to embrace life and see the sun shining bright despite the tribulations

What started as a motto turned out to be the title of his daring and empowering book, The Sun is up, I’m vertical, it’s a good day: One person’s traversing through cancer to remission, when author Geoff Berman, who is now a cancer survivor, faced his biggest obstacle of being diagnosed with  non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 60.

In Berman’s book, he chronicles his daily life and realizations as he undergoes chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. He bares his heart by letting the readers know that there were bad days living with cancer which is very usual for the patients and family members alike. With the support of his love ones, friends, and hospital staff, Berman made it his goal to always find a reason to stay positive every day. He shares, “You don’t always have to be all “smiley,” but it’s important to try to go at each day with a positive outlook.”

As reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite, “What makes the book stand out is theauthor’s positive spirit and way of looking at the disease. It’s okay to feel scared, it’s okay to feel tired, but attitude is what makes all the difference, especially when one is battling cancer and going through multiple treatments. The book is definitely helpful to all those who are fighting cancer. It gives them courage; it gives them hope. Well written with a positive tone which makes it very appealing.” A reviewer on Amazon says, “Touching, funny, charming, loving–a wonderful read.”

This book does not try to heal the scars or veer away the cancer patients or family members from their anxiety or worries. Instead, Berman offers his encouragement and helping hand that life is about mindset and optimistic energy.

Geoff Berman

The Sun is up, I’m vertical, it’s a good day: One person’s traversing through cancer to remission

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About the Author

Geoff Berman is a survivor of aggressive b-cell, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which he was diagnosed with shortly after he turned sixty. Cancer is a word that typically strikes fear in a patient. The thoughts of this book are his as he dealt with the daily emotions, good and bad, throughout discovering the cancer, undergoing multiple forms of treatment, and now reaching remission.

Geoff has been involved with the process of liquidating businesses under state law for over forty years. He is a former president of the American Bankruptcy Institute,  Alexandria, Virginia, and he has authored books, law review articles, and journal pieces on assignments for the benefit of creditors. He lives in Palm Desert, California, with his wife, Autumn, and & their two cats, Dakota and Shiloh. He and Autumn have two daughters, one living with her husband and son in La Mirada, California, and the other who resides in Phoenix, AZ.

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