Noyeks Makes Getting State Of The Art Worktops and Solid Surfaces Possible

Noyeks is making getting the best top quality, futuristic and unique worktops and solid surfaces a real possibility. Everyone can now buy the best kitchens and floorings at a very affordable price from one of the best companies in the business.

Noyeks is excited to announce their brand new sets of Worktops and solid surfaces that have hit the market. The announcement was made by one of the Senior Executives of the 120-year-old company, Gerry Finnerty, to the excitement of the members of the public who were present at the unveiling. Gerry Finnerty is the company’s General Sales Director, who was happy to show off the company’s new line of products to the thought leaders and the crème la crème of the industry. In his words, he said that the company ”is happy to announce a new range of worktops and solid surfaces that would redefine the way interior decoration is done and that the company is proud to uphold the 100-year tradition of leading the market and setting the pace.”

Noyeks is one of the leading companies in all of Europe in the worktops and other timber based solid surfaces market. Moreover, they have been in business, leading, creating and innovating for over 120 years now. This puts them in the best position to have the loudest voice in the industry as the thought leaders in all of Ireland. Moreover, this prompted Mr. Gerry Finnerty to express how happy he was to be associated with the business and further reiterated the commitment of the company to never ending improvements and best practices in the industry.

Interior decoration has been one of the most important aspects of building any house that would be a masterpiece. It is common knowledge that there is nothing more important than having an interior that would wow the world. Moreover, because of this, Noyeks’ new line of products including Kitchens and Flooring is one of a kind. And what this means is that people can now have some of the most creatively designed and professionally built timber based products that would beat their highest possible imagination. And the announcement of the new line of beautiful Worktops and solid surfaces makes it perfect timing for all those who are looking to give their homes a perfect new look and those who are just building their new house. The announcement met with rapturous approval from the best interior decorators visiting at the occasion, and the general consensus among the thought leaders in the interior decoration industry is that the products are the best that anyone could ever use.

Noyeks has made it their mission for many years to be the leader in the market. Moreover, that leadership has been proven over several decades of leading the way in the market. And one of the things that the General Sales Director was quick to remind the audience at the unveiling of the new line of products was that the company has always taken social responsibility as one of their most important pillars and core value. Noyeks is one of the most dedicated companies in the timber Flooring industry. Moreover, they choose their timbers from only the best. One of the hallmarks of the company is their obsession with excellence and perfection. And that is the reason why their processes are reflective of their values. Their dedication to quality Kitchens and other quality timber based products makes them the perfect choice for anyone.

For more information about the company, you can visit one of their online shops at or one of their showrooms all over the country.

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