presents the tool for publishers to create content rich and engaging experience

Life is short, don’t let anyone define you, define yourself. This is a new digital publishing art to reach public audience. Be a voice! (First Online Digital World Beta Gold One) is the newly launched, revolutionary tool for the publishers for creating content-rich, engaging experiences, with one workflow, across all channels. Fast-forward to 2017 and the world is now looking at a different digital publishing landscape, which provides an educational environment while increasing the business’s online visibility.
Additionally, the company is giving their customers an opportunity to offer all-access rewards, promoting a more interactive model. The app also uses audio and video media to provide a more visual experience than by using a book.

Most of the clients focus on agile, proactive digital service deals – telling interesting stories, provide technical articles, effective webinars, useful presentations, and productions. They are open to sharing their core values, rewarding others and are ready to be rewarded. Through this tool, the company attempts to make a little change together with the customers by enhancing human to human(H2H) relations. They believe in the motto that Relationships create clients. “Whether you are a salesperson, business owner, or CEO with a large company, your “why”, or your story, your company culture, will help build relationships with your clients. And, relationships are good for business”, says company’s spokesperson.  

At, they believe in people before business. Throughout the process, they’re focused on collaboration internally and with their customers. The host offers many free resources, which drives high-quality leads and provide the user a great opportunity to offer some valuable insight to prospective clients. Your mind is the key to your success, start today!

The aim of WORLD ROAMER brand is to connect with people having a profound passion for balancing and blending the spiritual and physical worlds. The host has been meeting presidents, high-level executives, millionaires, top speakers, global entrepreneurs, celebrities, who genuinely want to make a positive impact on the world.

About Host: idea was started and curated by a talented and highly enthusiastic individual, whose motivation in life is to live, laugh and love. Though there were 70 people involved in the development process and another 30 for the brand. After she was unfairly judged as a spy and that made her leave the job. She created roamer with the wing in motion lifestyle during her work break.  As a consequence of which, she was nudged for a vacation without payment and this proved to be life changing for her. In her gap year, she studied leadership executive coaching to learn and master different situations, empowered herself and others to be a creator, a doer.

She believes no matter how long it takes, but does it with purpose and turned her idea into a product. She encourages people to comply with liberal directives around career mobility and social aspiration. Her platform, mobile app, and WORLD ROAMER global brand display both personal and professional confidence. “Life is not only a job. Life is about creation. Where the job was sickly, disgusting. We have to take a break to recharge, gain new energy, which will open a new horizon.” she says.

More information about the tool and download options are available on iTunes.

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