The Ultimate Pixel Survival Game Is Now Available On Play Store

The Game Is Unlike Anything Else Presented In The Survival Games & It Is Expected To Break The Records Of Downloads

July 26, 2017 – Renowned international game developer, 1Games has announced the release of their all new survival pixel block game called Pixel Blood Online. The game is now available in stock on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. Moreover, it has received a phenomenal response from the players worldwide and is already getting top ratings as well as reviews. It is an ultimate survival block game where players have to survive in cities, farms, airports and train stations full of zombies.

“You have to acquire a serum to survive from many people who have turned into zombies and protect yourself from those who want to take the serum away,” said the spokesperson of 1Games while talking about this amazing game. “Always be careful of what’s behind you because you don’t know when your friend will turn into the enemy,” he added. According to the developers of this game, this is a fight for mankind itself.

The game enables players to build their own bonfire and formulate other techniques for survival. Moreover, it lets the players fight for their countries as well as themselves and for the entire humanity at large. The game has various unique characters that are more than 100 in number and do a variety of occupations. These occupations include chefs, pilots, soldiers, school girls, and stewardesses. Furthermore, it offers dozens of weapons for survival, including knives, swords, hammers, bats, hockey sticks and of course, the guns.

In addition, the game is also equipped with multiple vehicles and vehicular support. It also offers several interesting game modes and battle modes. In addition to general battle mode, players can experience various game modes such as boss battle and death match. It also features a transformation mode to mutant zombie. Furthermore, a player can decide a variety of battle methods and styles due to changes in peace, hostility, national mode and day and night changes.

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