Inspirational Stroke Survivor, Carol E. Yorke, Influences Through Her Books On Amazon As She Seeks Funds On KickStarter For Her New Book

Moving from victim to a mentor, Carol E. Yorke dedicates her life to helping other stroke survivors in overcoming their challenges and maximizing the moment

26 July, 2017 – As devastating, traumatic and lonely stroke can be, there is a ton of positivity that can be explored during this stage of life journey which so many people fail to realize. They can learn to accept, appreciate and open themselves to a new world positive possibilities. Although staying active could be very difficult after the lightning bolt strike of stroke, survivors can be motivated to live a meaningful life.

Stroke survivor and author, Carol E. Yorke is gradually turning her experience to help and motivate other stroke survivors. Carol is the author the book, Brain Attack: Surviving a Stoke plus several adult coloring books. She has dedicated herself to using a different way to motivate and give people with stroke hope so they can stay healthy and active at all times.

Carol E. Yorke is presently seeking for funds via the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, where she aims to raise money for her next project- Wheel Chair Travel Guide To Berlin. She hopes to use this as a strong message of hope and encourage other stroke patients that they can still conquer their fear, and go even to conquer the world.

Sharing her experience on Carol’s can-do spirit, her Doctor comments, Having known Carol and her courageous efforts to have a meaningful life following her stroke, reading her book was a joy to me. She is an inspiration and a model of how one can endure and thrive (not just survive) the life changing events caused by a stroke. Her message is clear and concise and invaluable to those who have had a stroke, their families, and friends.”

She says further, “Beyond her inspirational and loving message, Carol lists helpful resources to make the road to recovery from a stroke less burdensome. I will have Carol’s book in my office for patients and families to read – it speaks to the heart and soul at a level traditional medicine often overlooks.”

About Carol E. White

In her full life, she spent 25 years working as a CPA in a variety of public In her full life, she spent 25 years working as a CPA in a variety of public accounting roles, was married 3 times and toured West Germany in 1975 with a 4-piece band called ‘Hogwood.”

But in 2009 Carol’s busy life suddenly took a turn when she suffered a debilitating stroke. Since that day, she has devoted much of her time to supporting other stroke survivors and in April 2015 published her first book, Brain Attack: Surviving a Stroke.

Carol has also produced several adult coloring books which she has found to be very therapeutic.

When she isn’t writing, Carol enjoys spending time with her many friends, her sister, and other family members. She hopes that she will one day be able to walk again, live in “real house,” and travel the world independently.

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