Gino Leo Consultancy launched New Financial Aid & Scholarship!

For persons who needed to talk financial aid and scholarship assistance in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with a professional financial aid and scholarship advisor who knows how to act, can now exhale a sigh of relief knowing a new financial aid and scholarship consultancy has now been opened to serve their needs.

The new financial and scholarship consultancy is Gino Leo Consulting, dedicated to doing what’s right for its clients.

“It is a well-known fact that student life is difficult. Juggling deadlines, extracurricular responsibilities, and challenging classes all drain students of energy. When the going gets tough, students usually turn to the Internet for help. Sure enough, there are loads of sites that offer academic assistance to students. However, these sites are sometimes limited in their provided information while others are not student-friendly, complicated, or difficult to decipher. If you need a one-stop site that has everything you need to cruise through your academic career, then you have come to the right place,” said Gino Leo, owner, and operator of Gino Leo Consulting located in Alden, Ill.

As a professional financial aid and scholarship advisor, Gino helps clients create and execute a plan in three easy steps.

1. Talk: Gino listens as clients explain their needs, dreams, and fears. Then he designs a customizable plan that shows then how he can help them reach their financial goals.

2. Act: Gino works together with clients to implement their personalized plan. Then he keeps them updated on where they stand and adapt the plan as life happens.

3. Relax: Gino is there for clients whenever they need him. He is available at any time, for any reason. Buying a new car? Ask his advice. Been offered a new job? Give Gino a call. Did daughter get engaged? Your Financial Advisor will help a client figure out how to pay for the wedding.

“Anyone can provide advice, but as a financial and scholarship advisor, my goal is to provide advice, guidance, and resources based on students and their parents’ needs,” said Gino. “If a dollar sign is involved, I can help. So why not give me a call at [+1 347-798-0177].”


My name is Eugenio Leo. I was born near Stone Wall, Texas on July 9th, 1953 to David (1918-1958) and Sarah Kelly. I was raised in a farmhouse and I have three siblings Sam Henry Kelly, Andres Kelly and Baines Kelly. My mother and father being born and raised in Christian homes were able to teach and nurture their children in the same way. They taught my siblings and my principles to live by and were strict to ensure that all four of us complied with them. I graduated from Jackson Stonewall High in 1968 approximately ten years after I lost my father in a grisly road accident. I have been in leadership positions in the better part of my school life and it is through this that I developed the interest in leadership and management. I got accepted to the university with a full scholarship to the Harvard University school of Business. I graduated with honors in Business management degree. I planned to be the best at what I do and become the top leadership consultant in future.

My hobbies are football, reading, and traveling. When I was young my father used to teach me how to play football and with time I came to have a passion for the game. I have played football in the learning institutions I have attended and it is through my football skills that I got the scholarship to university. My interest in books began when I was still young. My parents used to read me bedtime stories and this cultivated in me a reading culture. I challenged myself to read as many books as I could and this greatly impacted in my academic life as it made me perform above average in my class. I enjoy traveling and visiting other places since I get to learn different cultures and new things. I have been to six different countries and even did an internship in Switzerland when in university.

I met my wife Mellissa Kelly when still in university; she was studying law at Harvard law school. In 1972, we decided to get married and exchanged our vows at my hometown church. I have four children Sandra Hannah Kelly who is 36years old, Michael Henry Kelly is 33 years old, Wendy Kelly is 26 years old and Bella Samantha Kelly is 23 years old. We have raised our children with strong moral values that have helped them be successful. I have eight amazing grandchildren. The eldest is Howell Jim Stevenson and is seventeen years old while the youngest is Millry Kelly who is two years old. My family is important to me since they motivate me to work hard and have been there for me in my toughest moments in life.

When I finished university, I got a job with Quick Finance Bank and worked there for twenty years. I worked as a branch manager and it was during my interactions with staff and clients that I came to realize that I had a passion for leadership and management. I then got a job with Amstar Consultancy Company where I worked for six years. I worked as the Human Resource manager in the consultancy company. I retired from my job and wanted to start my own company. I used my savings and together with my wife we started our own company that provided training services in leadership to management professionals.

During our first few years of running the company, we faced numerous challenges including low profits, huge debts, and excessive competition. I even thought of dissolving the company and looking for another job. It was after this experience that I decided to focus and ensure that my company will be the best. We changed our management and did proper marketing and the company began growing and doing well. The company has got the award of the top profitable company six times in the last decade. I have also got the top leadership consultant of the year five years in a row. The journey to being successful has not been easy and I have undergone great challenges but with the help of family, friends, and self-confidence I have ended up with a successful consultancy company.

Media Contact
Company Name: Gino Leo Consulting
Contact Person: Gino Leo
Phone: +1 347-798-0177
State: IL
Country: United States