Grammar Chic Makes Resume Communications Easier with Customizable Email Messages

Grammar Chic takes some of the hassle out of tailoring job search-related communications by providing easily adaptable scripts.

Communication is key when it comes to landing a job. Whether a job seeker is networking to build connections, submitting their resume for a job, or following up after an interview, the message sent could make or break an employer’s impression. However, figuring out exactly what to say in these communications is one of the hardest parts. Grammar Chic aims to help job seekers save time and stress by providing a package of 14 easy-to-customize email scripts.

“What you say and how you say it matters,” says Amanda Clark, CEO of Grammar Chic. “Individuals are often worried about being too forward, not being persuasive enough, or simply sending the wrong impression. Plus, it takes time to craft each message. We’ve taken steps to make this process easier by providing a set of 14 messages that job seekers can easily tweak to fit their needs and audience.”

The email marketing script package contains a series of pre-formulated messages with clearly defined spaces and examples for where candidates should customize it to their needs. Situations range from submitting a resume and cover letter for a specific job or making a general inquiry, to introducing oneself to a new contact and following up after job applications and interviews.

“These are critical parts of the job search process, but many candidates feel stressed because they don’t have the time to sit and compose something from scratch, or they’re not entirely sure what they should say,” notes Clark. “All of our scripts can be easily adapted to a variety of situations and audiences. They also work for professionals regardless of their level of experience or industry. We get you started, and you fill in the details.”

In addition, once a client purchases the $35 email marketing script package, they can use it over and over again for current or future job searches, says Clark. All candidates have to do is plug in their current information, skills, and interests, and they’re ready to go for another round of job hunting. To further enhance their efforts, Grammar Chic is also providing a list of job search communication tips that candidates can begin using immediately as they pursue new opportunities.

“We want to help job seekers feel more confident and prepared as they take the next step in their career,” says Clark. “We hope that clients find these email scripts valuable in communicating with other professionals and that it helps them save time and headaches when it comes to their job search.”

For individuals looking for additional support, Grammar Chic offers a variety of services for resume writing, cover letters, thank you notes, and LinkedIn updating as well. To learn more about these services or place an order for the email marketing script package, contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 or


Grammar Chic is a comprehensive professional resume writing service that specializes in helping job seekers boost their appearance in the job market. This company offers in-depth consultation allowing candidates to explore their job history and skill sets. With a series of services—from entry-level to senior management resume packages—Grammar Chic can provide the level of insight needed to ensure clients come out with a clean, polished and appealing resume. Those looking for resume and cover letter assistance are invited to contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 or via or and tune into Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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