Organic Jute Rugs & Baskets by The Braided Rug Company Make Home Decor Easy

Aberdovey, Gwynedd – The Braided Rug Company has been selling their specialty braided rugs since 2001. These original products are made on the east coast of America, predominately in North Carolina. The suppliers of this company’s braided rugs have been making these styles rugs for over 100 years.

This company has been featured in Country Homes & Interiors, Period Living, Country Living, House & Garden, House Beautiful and The World of Interiors.

With growing popularity in the UK and Europe, this company decided to expand their specialty business to a whole new market.

In 2010 this company created a range of rugs and baskets with their British market in mind. For these products, the company decided to use all natural products, and in 2011 they began manufacturing these products in Bangladesh. The Braided Rug Company uses all organic jute fibers in the making of their jute rugs and baskets.

This company prides themselves on creating a wide variety of styles and color jute rugs and baskets for their clients. Jute oval and rectangular rugs range from 32 euros to 240 euros while jute baskets can range from 19.50 euros to 40 euros.

The Braided Rug Company also offered their organic jute baskets, found, in solid colors, stripes and in sets of three.  The baskets come in a size range of small, medium and large.

The rugs are double sided and are extremely hardwearing. These rugs will be suitable for any room in the house.  Additionally, the organic jute rugs, available,  come in a multicolor option or a two-color option. The rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes such as oval, oval runner, rectangle, rectangle runner and circle for their client’s needs. Larger sized rugs can be created as long as they are special ordered.

This company is also adding new products to their lines every year. From new materials to styles. If someone is looking for the best organic jute rugs and baskets then shopping at The Braided Rug Company is the right choice, their huge selection can be found on the website, 

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