GNFEI Technology Announces Significant Discounts on Their UV Printers & Coffee Printers

With a discount of up to 30%, it’s a good opportunity for clients to purchase UV flatbed printers and Latte Coffee Printers at reduced prices.

A wide variety of high quality printers are now available at reduced prices for worldwide customers. GNFEI Technology Co.,Ltd is selling printers like, UV printers, coffee printers, and phone case printers at discount prices. These printers have their own application and feature an advanced technology.

The company is offering the lightest UV printer at a discount of 30%. This moving head flatbed printer can print on a variety of materials. There is no need of coating on the surface for the printing. Besides, it can print in white ink as well. The printer allows an easy operation and one can adjust the print height with the help of a knob. The company spokesperson reveals that this printer can print an A4 size photo in just a few seconds. The printer is designed for a quick and precise printing and can be used for printing on different surfaces, such as phone covers and cases.

GNFEI Technology Announces Significant Discounts on Their UV Printers & Coffee Printers

Besides different types of smart UV printers, GNFEI Technology Co.,Ltd has also discount offers on their Latte Coffee Printers. They are currently selling A4 size coffee printer at a discount of 28% that can print 6 cups of coffee at a time. This compact size printer is easy to install and requires a limited space. The printer uses a food grade edible ink to print interesting and attractive images on the coffee surface. Besides coffee, it can also be used for printing on chocolates, cakes, milk, biscuits and other food products.

The company is also offering a smart phone case printer at an affordable price, which is suitable for high resolution printing on phone covers and cases. The printer can print white and color images at the same time, and it uses the intelligent drops transformation technology.  It is suitable for high resolution double side printing of a maximum height of 80mm. To know more about this printer and other printers and the discount offers, one can visit the website

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GNFEI Technology Co.,Ltd is a company in Hong Kong that supplies thousands of products at incrediblewholesale prices. They have a massive range of first-rate goods, such as electronics, printing machines, shoes, bags, clothing etc. The factory supplies multifunction inkjet printers, such as UV printer, flatbed printer, textile printer, t-shirt printer, food printer and coffee printer. They provide customized, OEM services, and also resale it. They produce the printer, electronics themselves or buy direct from an ever-expanding network of Chinese wholesale manufacturers so that they can keep costs low while maintaining the highest of standards.

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