“Panda Going Globally • Beautiful China” Sichuan Tourism Promotion Activity Coming into Vienna

An unprecedented trend has been raised in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, by either the bold panda logo on indicators in the hotel, hundreds of different shapes of panda dolls in the conference room, or widespread Sichuan tourism resource demonstration in the hotel, the latest promotion video of Sichuan tourism products, and Sichuan tourism represented by giant panda.

On the morning of July 26 local time, “Panda Going Globally • Beautiful China” Sichuan Tourism Promotion Activity came into Hilton Vienna Hotel to bring excellent Sichuan tourism promotion and the latest tourism lines and products to local tourism industrial counterparts and travel enthusiasts. The main purpose of this promotion is to promote the travel lines and tourism resources of Sichuan and expand the tourism cooperation between Sichuan and Austria.

Counsel-Director of Sichuan Tourism Development Committee Mr. Chen Jialin made a speech at the promotion while Sichuan tourism marketing group gave a wonderful Sichuan tourism introduction. Chinese Political Counselor in Vienna Ms. Ding Yazhen, Director of Vienna Tourism Bureau Ms. Sonja Ishak, President of European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association Mr. Xia Weiping, and representatives of Vienna tourism industry and media attended this activity.

During the promotion, China-HK Travel Agency introduced the featured tourism cultural experience of Sichuan Ganzizhou Region and the urban and surrounding cultural scenic areas of Chengdu and Air China Vienna Representative Office introduced its flight routes between Europe and Chengdu respectively.

Austrian travel agencies such as Sonny Travel Agency, Universal Travel Agency and Bikey Travel Agency and Chinese travel agencies such as China International Travel Service in Sichuan Province, Chengdu Anyi Tour International Travel Agency, Chengdu China International Travel Service and Chengdu Global International Travel Agency signed cooperation framework agreement on tourism. Participants together witnessed the sign of the agreement.

According to the agreement, contracting parties will co-promote the in-depth cooperation between Sichuan and Vienna in terms of tourism as well as the bilateral tourism development including strengthening regional tourism development, cooperation potential discussion and information exchange to realize information sharing in the field of tourism. Chinese travel agencies will conduct relevant advertising and hold related promotion activities in Austria to lay foundation for their propaganda and promotion while Austrian counterparts actively promote relevant tourism resource and products to local Austrian visitors and continuously improve the degree of recognition and identification. Chinese enterprises will provide rewards to Austrian enterprises as per the target incentive measures confirmed by both sides.

The event attracted the attention of overseas and Chinese media such as OUSHI1983, Representative Office of China Economic Daily in Austria, Overseas Chinese Media, Austrian Paper, and Kurier Paper.

In the afternoon, Sichuan Hotel in Vienna also held a promotion activity of “Trip of Sichuan Cuisine “with unique Sichuan flavor. World well-known Sichuan cuisine renews the interest of Austrians in Sichuan.


Address on Sichuan Tourism (Vienna) Promotion Conference

Mr. Chen Jialin, Counsel-Director of Sichuan Tourism Development Committee

July 26, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends,

Good morning!

Firstly, on behalf of Sichuan Tourism Development Committee of China, I would like extend my warm welcome to all guests attending today’s “Panda Going Globally • Beautiful China ” Sichuan Promotion Conference and express my sincere thanks to all walks of life of Austria that care Sichuan’s development.

Sichuan, located at the east of Mt. Himalayas of Tibet Plateau, is the doorway of western China. With an area of 48.6 square kilometers and a population of over 82 million, it boasts the reputation of “Land of Abundance”. It is the hometown of panda. Eighty percent of more than 1,500 wild pandas all over the world live there.

“Sichuan, More Than Pandas”. Besides panda, Sichuan also has a long history and brilliant culture. With five world heritage sites including Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong, Dujiangyan, Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei as well as 12 national 5A tourist attractions, it has beautiful natural sceneries. Moreover, it has the Sanxingdui Culture with a history of 4,500 years as well as Jinsha Site with a history of 3,500 years. The gold foil pattern of “solar divine bird” unearthed in Jinsha Site is the identification of Chinese cultural heritage. Chengdu is reputed as “city of cuisine” by UNESCO. Being as one of ten great famous cuisines in China, Sichuan cuisine is well received in the whole world. Sichuan is very much suitable for touring and leisure owing to its unique tourism resources.

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is the center of science and technology, trade and commerce, and finance as well as the hub of transportation and communication in southwestern China. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the fourth aviation hub and the fourth city in China to implement the policy of 72-hour visa-free transit in China. Its flight routes cover important cities in North American, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Asia and have direct flights to 95 foreign cities (regions). China-Europe Train schedule reaches 460, ranking top in China. Along with the implementation of inbound tourism preferential policies, its annual tourists surpass three million.

Now, Sichuan has been getting closer and closer with the rest countries in the world and has become one of the most attractive destinations in western China. At present, it has established economic and trade relationship with over 210 countries and regions. There are 321 of Fortune 500 enterprises in Sichuan and 16 countries including US have set up consulates in Sichuan. The exchange between Sichuan and Austria has grown with time. In particular, the exchange and cooperation in terms of tourism has become a new highlight of bilateral relationship. Currently, it is the time of Sichuan Province to accelerate the construction of economic strong province as well as world major tourism destination, which creates a good prospect for bilateral exchange and cooperation. This September, 22nd United Nations World Tourism Organization General Meeting will be held in Chengdu and the 4th Sichuan International Tourism Trade Fair will be held in Leshan City of Sichuan Province, which creates important opportunity for Sichuan and Austria to deepen exchange and cooperation especially in the field of tourism. We sincerely invite relevant Austrian departments and enterprises to attend these events so as to boost the bilateral exchange and cooperation into a higher level.

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends, Sichuan is a hot land with vigor and hopes. We expect that more Austrian entrepreneurs can come to Sichuan to invest and more visitors to travel. As the old Chinese goes, “Beautiful China, Beautiful Sichuan”. We sincerely welcome all of you and your family and friends come to Sichuan to enjoy the beautiful mountains and rivers in Sichuan and experience the brilliant ancient Shu culture.

Thank you!

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