Preserving Consumed Wines Made Easier with ArT Wine Preservation

Chicago, IL – ArT Preservation is a company that uses sustainable technology to reduce waste, especially wine waste. They have developed a product that allows wine consumers to store their wine for weeks after opening without affecting the flavor and preserving its aroma.

“Our commitment to sustainability begins with ArT Wine Preservation. It is a product that reduces wine waste and is comprised of 100% recyclable parts and naturally recycled argon. We continue this commitment by evaluating the execution of our operations,” says Ryan Frederickson, General Manager. Additionally, they include assessing and optimizing carbon footprint, old technology substitution, and education of recycling methods to reduce wasteful practices.

Wines stored after opening can go bad in two major chemical reactions. First, the wine can develop a sharp, vinegar-like smell because acetic acid bacteria consume the alcohol in wine and metabolizes it into acetic and acetaldehyde. Second, the alcohol can oxidize causing a nutty, bruised fruit taste which robs the wine of fresh, fruity flavors. Hence, people should know that keeping the wine in lower temperatures will cause these chemical reactions to slow down. ArT Wine Preservation provides an alternative preservation process using argon.

Argon is used by high-end wineries when bottling wine. Ergo, ArT Wine Preservation is an argon wine preserver that allows consumers to spray the same gas to save every opened bottle of wine. It causes oxygen displacements and provides a non-toxic argon blanket between the wine and harmful oxygen. Furthermore, the protective ArT layer does not affect the acidity, tannins, or flavors of the wine. Argon, unlike carbon dioxide and oxygen, is a nonreactive heavy gas. It sinks down and rests on top of the wine like a blanket that seals the aromas and flavors as it is stored. On the other hand, it is eco-friendly and all components of ArT can be recycled. Its formula is harvested from the atmosphere which contains -1% Argon that is eventually bottled. A video on how this works can be found here:

Using ArT Preservation has a lot of benefits. People can now enjoy opening a wine bottle without the need to consume all of it. As for wine retailers, they can now protect the quality of their sample bottles and retain their wines fresh. More importantly, dumping of leftover wine will now be significantly reduced since opened bottles normally last only a few days.

To learn more about their company and product, people can visit their website at They can also be reached via phone at (773) 234-9519 or via email at ArT Wine Preservation is located at 658 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647.

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